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    Map:Art's Route to Swim Practice (full)
    End Time: March 5 2014, 1:46am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:A nice flat Tuesday hammerfest
    wheelzQC Solid again. Sweet move at the end Shane...and the guy who tried it before (Nibali maybe ?). What the H is a PACER ? Good race everybody, thanks again for the hurt fest.March 4 2014, 8:57pm
    arthare Pacer is just a constant wattage - Basically it's a dopey that someone (Stallion, apparently) set up.March 4 2014, 9:00pm
    MellowJohnny Yeah it was a pacer. Thanks wheelzQC. I dropped my chain at about 19 minutes and I thought I was done. Lost :23-:25 secs and just nailed it as hard as I could. It was frustrating as I would catch a guy or two then a new time gap would appear. I was very close to spitting the bit. When I got within :02 I was hurting big time. No way to hurt like this in March in Southern Ontario unless your on the TourDeGiro software... Another awesome hurtfest! March 4 2014, 9:18pm
    Skippy74 'Glad' to see you are feeling better Shane-hope you're over the antibotics!! TourDeGiro sure does dish out the hurting.March 4 2014, 10:09pm
    MellowJohnny Thanks Skippy. Yeah I rolled long yesterday and today I seemed to have the punch back. TdG has been a blessing! March 4 2014, 10:11pm
    Roofrak_CT No matter how hard I push to the front in the first few minutes of the race I always seen to ride with the same guys at the endMarch 4 2014, 10:49pm
    enidwebjim Was a great ride! Cannot hold you pounders for too long but I give it my all!! Noticed a few of the riders jumping on the "Drop In Server" I set up for our lower intensity group for a quick warmup. Glad too see the company.March 5 2014, 3:18pm
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