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    Map:Ironman Frankfurt (8%-41%)
    End Time: March 19 2014, 12:40am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:Le Hammer
    SherpaCV Well, for the last time, I rearranged my Tuesday afternoon schedule and 10 minutes before the race I can't get into the race. It was nice riding with those of you who I had the chance to ride with over the winter but I'm not dropping another dime into this. Good luck to all this season. Pedal hard, ride skinny and be safe. March 18 2014, 8:43pm
    arthare Sherpa, that's odd. I joined 1 minute before the race start and I was able to get in. Double-checking now, it looks like all the login and game servers are up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience :(March 18 2014, 8:47pm
    arthare Though I'll be the first to admit our uptime for February in particular was pretty miserable. A vacation + me moving meant that we didn't have as many eyes on them as usual.March 18 2014, 9:05pm
    Rider X While it hurt, that was great! Congratulations to El Pistolero, Phil, Shane and Duane! Litespeedmarc, that was fun - you were clearly the stronger at the end when it mattered. Sherpa, this site needs good people (incredibly strong racer, too) like you. I also had to rearrange my Tuesday afternoon schedule (as I bet many of us have to) to make the start of the race. Please reconsider. March 18 2014, 9:07pm
    litespeedmarc_CT Finally had a good day today. And I did my own from the get go as opposed to hanging with the lead pack. Though that helpy sure was nice to have in the second group. Rob V, you came out of nowehere at the end. Loved it. Duane / Shane / Phil, awesome machines as usual. Phil, you're definitively our lead man this year!March 18 2014, 9:28pm
    litespeedmarc_CT Awesome, I was the draft king today.March 18 2014, 9:30pm
    wheelzQC RiderX with all the PRs.. nice improvement ! Merci Marc, I'm counting on you to have fun this year. Good job with your effort Marc, I was happy seeing that ! Art, I'hve had a blast this winter season using your software. Shane, I could get convinced, but I don't think we needed the Pacer... plus he made you fall off your bike :)March 18 2014, 9:41pm
    Rider X Thanks Phil. It's hard to beleive that I actually enjoy riding indoors now on the trainer. When I started in January, I was at ground zero.Chasing power houses like you keeps me plenty motivated. Three cheers for Art and Tour de Giro!March 18 2014, 11:21pm
    duanegran Yes, much respect for what Art has put together. It has salvaged my winter training in many respects. I'll enjoy getting back onto the road, but I don't think I'll dread the coming winter as much as I have in past years.March 19 2014, 9:27am
    popstarron Given our unpredictable weather and my work schedule, I'm sure I'll be using TdG in the summer. Just a thought- should cycling fanatics in the military have TdG on their radar? How about reform provrams. For myself, in the 70's, bike racing helped me quit smoking. (Maybe I'm just pipe dreaming.) For everyone frustrated with the platform glitches, be patient. We have (as I understand it) 3 guys developing this. Sites like World of Warcraft have evolved over a long time. Look at Obama Care with it's millions and huge team. If i had the programming skills, I would volunteer my time.March 19 2014, 10:02am
    popstarron BTW, Art. Did you tweek the wattage settings somehow? It felt more like Computrainer resistances this time. Maybe I'm just over training. March 19 2014, 10:06am
    popstarron Another thought- how about cycling development programs? where else are you going try out bike racing for an entry fee of only $10 a month?March 19 2014, 10:20am
    wheelzQC I selfishly feel like I want TDG to be a well kept secret. Sorry Art :)...it's too good. March 19 2014, 10:33am
    arthare We're a two man operation - myself (web and game development) and Eric (customer support, business relations, marketing). We're both part time, and for the last 3 months I've been really busy with a FIRST robotics team I volunteer with. I haven't tweaked any settings recently (been too busy!).March 19 2014, 10:34am
    arthare Haven't approached any real military or cycling development folks. We've tried a couple things in that directions, but it has been too expensive in terms of time spent to really get anything going. Plus (as Sherpa has noticed), the platform isn't really stable enough for people to base their business around. On a good week we'll have 2-3 hours of outages still, though I don't know if we've had any mid-race server crashes in a while.March 19 2014, 10:36am
    popstarron I'd like it to be my own secret weapon also. However, if you consider that TdG ' entire budget would maybe write one page of Obama Care, it would be helpful to get more revenue coming your way.March 19 2014, 10:52am
    SherpaCV I had a nice plan/idea in development but it's not going to come to fruition now. On a side note popstarron you'd asked how I thought this crossed over to real racing. If you want my thoughts I'd be happy to discuss them privately. None of the crossover problems had anything to do with the game itself, and all to do with how I raced on here vs. how I race in real life, but they caused problems in my first race big-time. March 19 2014, 12:35pm
    popstarron poplarronnie862@gmail.com Contact me. March 19 2014, 1:07pm
    duanegran I'm curious about the cross over as well. If you don't mind looping me into it, duane.gran@gmail.com.March 19 2014, 1:26pm
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