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    Map:Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant, QC, CAN (62%-100%)
    End Time: October 22 2014, 1:24am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:Ironman Mont-Tremblant Facebook Race
    SLY Another turn out like tonight and you won't have to add any Pacers to your next rideOctober 21 2014, 8:29pm
    MellowJohnny Phil you rode like a machine tonight. NACS-BT solid roll as well. That hurt big time.October 21 2014, 8:31pm
    arthare I think I speak for all the computrainer users when I say: "Make the hills stop!".October 21 2014, 8:32pm
    popstarron Guess everyone is comming in from the cold. Lots of good wattages. Cathy whipped my but again. Hope everyone keeps turning out like this. Spread the word. It's going to be an interesting winter.October 21 2014, 8:38pm
    MellowJohnny Art so the Computrainer brakes the flywheel correct simulating pushing an actual grade and then I assume it aids the roller on the descents by spinning on its own faster? I think that would be cool to experience. October 21 2014, 8:44pm
    SLY Yes the hilly courses are a grind on the Compu trainerOctober 21 2014, 8:49pm
    arthare It doesn't spin things back up on the downhill, but it does relax the resistance a ton so that 100W will get you up to a 60km/h wheelspeed or so.October 21 2014, 8:50pm
    thomascfurman That corse was no place for a corn cob on a Computrainer!October 21 2014, 8:57pm
    wheelzQC That was an awesome comeback on TDG ! Thanks people. Shane, thanks for the comment, you were a beast. I know you like to push it hard and were closing that gap quickly at the end. It was my first try using rollers on TDG, a bit of hurt on the upper body. I'll get used to it. October 21 2014, 9:44pm
    nurho1971 It was my first ever "race" on TdG. It hurt like hell but it was awesome! Good job all!October 21 2014, 10:36pm
    MellowJohnny There were a few times I was nailing 475-500W for a good minute hit and all I saw was you going further away. Indoors takes a few hard sessions of getting use too but shit we got 16 weeks or so of It coming up. October 21 2014, 10:36pm
    Rider X Man, all of you guys have been riding - racing! To the podium (Phil, Shane and NacsBT) I say wow! Kathy and Ron you two are stronger than last Spring. Quel numero! I'm looking forward to next Tuesday night. Art, the improvements to the game are terrific. Thanks. Long live Tour de Giro! October 21 2014, 10:38pm
    duanegran Wish I could have made it for this one, but next week is looking much better for me. I've been test riding a few courses and really like the improvements in the TdG application since last winter.October 22 2014, 10:11am
    arthare What do folks think about posting weights? I've had a couple requests over the months. It'd probably be a preference on your profile so you could have exact weight posted, weight range posted, or keep it secret. We'd probably also add a thing so that you could choose to have "public weights only" scheduled rides.October 22 2014, 12:12pm
    wheelzQC @MellowJohnny I gave a good go most of the hills, it gave a great training. @Arthare I don't care either way, but what is the reason to show it ?October 22 2014, 12:30pm
    Stella11 Is fine by me as I get punished either way. Watt per kilo is great for climbs but I don't get real word power advantage on flats or downhills. I guess that's my question? Is speed on flats equal for all using watts/kg ? Anyways....show weight and great job with site. October 22 2014, 12:55pm
    wheelzQC If I remember what the formula was about, the flats would be w/cda... Arthare gave a slight aero advantage to the smaller guys. Anyways as a smaller guy, I can feel it on the flats...and on the hills !October 22 2014, 1:05pm
    popstarron In some instances race outcomes can be manipulated by calibrating with other than actual weights. Normally in the off season I'm a heavier than desirable rider. I just accept the extra as a sort of weight training. Thanks to TdG and the Tuesday suffer fests though, I've been able to maintain a more even race weight. This makes my climbing more effective. It all fits into the strength to weight mantra. So if you have the strength and you log in with an artificially low weight you will do better in the virtual world. You are only hurting yourself though when you get into real world cycling.October 22 2014, 1:05pm
    arthare Stella11: You should see a slight power advantage on flats. If you're doing 4w/kg @ 80kg and the guy beside is 4w/kg @ 70kg, you should have a decent advantage and should pull away. Note that all AIs are 80kg.October 22 2014, 1:05pm
    arthare wheelz: the reasoning is just to let people self-police. As ron said, you can pretty easily get a big virtual advantage by fiddling with weights. I'm just trying to get a feel for whether people as a whole want change. You're also correct that there's a slight aero advantage to being lighter, but on a flat the heavier guy's power output (assuming equal w/kg) will still let him get away.October 22 2014, 1:07pm
    wheelzQC Ok, I personnally really don't mind and it would be a good move if that's what people want. In the end; weight, speed sensors and calibration has zero effect on the quality of my training. October 22 2014, 1:18pm
    popstarron Sounds like you're an honest rider. That's the way to get the most from this platform. Focus on getting faster and stronger by chasing people who are faster and stronger.October 22 2014, 1:43pm
    Moodog you guys are cyclists and will all cheat to your advantage...Honestly i am going to put my weight at 40lbs on a computrainer an kick your asses..October 22 2014, 1:53pm
    Moodog ANT+ and Powermeter is for wimps...Notice the top 4 October 22 2014, 1:54pm
    popstarron cynical much?October 22 2014, 2:11pm
    popstarron Cheat here and you don't make the podium out there.October 22 2014, 2:12pm
    gwoity If people are fudging with their weight to get an advantage they need to get a life. I bust my ass for the entire race and at the end all I am left with is a good workout and a puddle of sweat, with no care of my place. After using a computrainer, powermeter and speed sensor (currently until my powertap is fixed), my opinion is the you have the biggest advanage with the computrainer and powermeter is the hardest.October 22 2014, 2:14pm
    popstarron I'm with you Gwoity. Anyone who wants to fudge with their results in any way just causes me to work harder. I win no matter where I place.October 22 2014, 2:23pm
    Moodog whats a Podium I ride to eat...i am 44 years old i don't need any more trophies...October 22 2014, 2:24pm
    Moodog I will setup 8 computrainers in January and invite you all...I bet i hear the usual it is a rest day...October 22 2014, 2:25pm
    Moodog Ones who know me understand ones who don't You will...I love to stir the pot so lighten up. Woity last night the works came up and said the roof is leaking till they saw the mess under my bike. They laughed and said I should drink my water not spill it all over the floor....October 22 2014, 2:27pm
    popstarron I ride to eat. I ride to drink. Love my micro brews. About 8 times a year what's her name (can't remember) allows me to race. I'm addicted to bikes and endorphins. Can't take myself seriously. Sorry I took you so.October 22 2014, 2:39pm
    Moodog wheelzQC sign up for races that have more than 3 people in it.October 22 2014, 2:50pm
    duanegran I'm in favor of posting more summary stats, including weight. Not because I feel like I need to keep my virtual mates honest, but because it gives perspective. I wouldn't mind seeing average and peek power output for others too, but I'm a data nerd.October 22 2014, 4:22pm
    Justin Rogers Post the weight. What cyclist is ashamed of their weight? I podium in real life and fail to see how a guy that struggles to finish in the same events rides away from me on here. Sad really October 22 2014, 5:25pm
    Stella11 thanks Art - i'm a former Taxc Multi Player racer.........what makes TDG great is that just about anyone can ride no matter what their rig. Have riders weight public keeps it honest somewhat. Who's up for a short xmas stage race ? October 22 2014, 6:17pm
    wheelzQC Stella, explain your xmas stage race idea. This site needs a forum :)October 22 2014, 7:23pm
    arthare Ok, I think what I'll do for the weights is this: when you create a scheduled race, it'll be possible to specify that it will be a weights-visible ride. Anyone that completely finishes a weights-visible ride will have the weight range they rode as posted.October 22 2014, 7:25pm
    Rider X I think posting weight, age, heart rate and power would be a good thing. A stage race race sounds great, too. Why would anyone misrepresent themselves on a virtual race site? Justin is right; that would be sad. Anyway, I choose to think everyone here is honest. Moodog, you have a good sense of humor.October 22 2014, 8:26pm
    MellowJohnny Justin if your referring to myself... last year this time I could hold 303W for 8 Minutes @81kg 3.74w per kg. Tonight I held 384 @76kg 5.05W per kg on a local hill after a hard ride in here last night for 6 minutes. I am a lot better rider then I was last Oct as I am a lot better rider then I was 2 months ago... just saying. I agree the S/C offers an aid as the speed/cadence setup is off in here... and the guys using POWER ANT+ devices are probably experiencing the toughest experience as there is no change in resistence and you can't coast as the PM zero's.October 22 2014, 10:14pm
    MellowJohnny So here is the the best question how do we know what everyone really weighs? Only way is to see them on a scale 1 minute before rolling. October 22 2014, 10:16pm
    Moodog Well no one weighs 100 lbs that is for sure. October 22 2014, 10:22pm
    Moodog What I would do is post your weight and have someone approve it another rider. I know rogers weighs a 130 wet and bk is an anorexic 6'10 guy at 190 lbs October 22 2014, 10:24pm
    Moodog And just so you are aware when you beat me don't be proud I have a handicap card on my dash October 22 2014, 10:26pm
    Justin Rogers Why would you assume I was referring to you Shane? Everyone has friends, team mates, or people they race against to call them out if they use incorrect weight. Let's call them baby sittersOctober 22 2014, 10:39pm
    Moodog I will call the top 2 out any day. Over 4 watts per hour at 76kg BULLSHIT. I want you to prove it October 22 2014, 11:17pm
    wheelzQC I'm not 76kg at all. I did 292w on a Quarq and I was lighter than that a few weeks ago. Pretty similar weight as last season on TdG. What's the problem ? I really don't care if you put yourself at 40 pounds on your computrainer or what your friends weight. October 23 2014, 12:22am
    arthare I can confirm that wheelz/phil has a realistic and consistent weight (same as last year). Please quit it with the cheating/underweighting accusations (even if joking - sarcasm doesn't travel on the internet). If I see something unrealistic in the DB, I will handle it.October 23 2014, 8:19am
    SLY nothing unrealistic about riding above 300 watts more power to youOctober 23 2014, 8:38am
    nurho1971 I'll vouch for Phil. I introduced him to bike racing 3 years ago. He started at around 155lbs and lost up to 15 pounds during race season and he's roughly at 142 right now. He has improved so much that he finishes open races in the top 3 with folks who did Tour of Alberta... He's got more power than 90% of us... get used to it, I have... and I hate him for that :) I'm skinny skinny but I just don't have the w/kg he has and that some of you have. Happy riding this winter!October 23 2014, 8:43am
    Moodog arthare..I will stop with the joking..I also think this program is great loads of fun for those extended winter hours of just a boring trainer. If you ever want to look at adding real cycling footage I may be able to work with you on this. Thanks and sorry for hurting anyones feelings. October 23 2014, 9:03am
    Stella11 so, are we posting weights then ? i vote yes. I'm a cheater and still get crushed haha......i follow a training plan from a coach and join TDG rides when doing intervals as it's fun watching you guys kill each other. I usually get dropped during rest portion of interval. Stella11 and WASPbky is Brian Kelly btw. Most local guys know i weight just shy of 100kg when fit.(199.5cm) see ya when the snow flies. BK October 23 2014, 9:29am
    arthare It should now be a selectable option for scheduled rides. If you pick it, then I'll feel free to expose as much data as I want (which for now, will just be weight)October 23 2014, 9:56am
    wheelzQC No hurt feelings Moodog, it looks like you were more worried. At not even 5'7, it looks like I'm still big for my size when I compare to other guys I want to compete against, sadly :( (but that brew is good). Again, if anyone wants to lower their weight, I don't care at all, I'm more worried about my watts at the end. Like Stella does, I had a "wattage" goal on Tuesday and surpassed it by a few because of how the "race" played out. That's whats cool with TdG ! P.S. I know the NACS boys are strong, that's also another cool thing :)October 23 2014, 10:21am
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