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    Map:Paris Roubaix (70%-80%)
    End Time: October 31 2014, 12:14am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:Nacs/WaspCam Nightcap Ride
    popstarron Tried to stay on script. Not quite. I'll keep trying till I get it right. Tim, thanks for saving my tired but. How do you guys work all day and still crank those watts.October 30 2014, 8:43pm
    SLY Popstarron thank you I need a hard ride since I did not make the Tuesday night ride I only have one hard ride a week in me and that was to night TimWOctober 30 2014, 8:54pm
    Rider X I'm sorry I was not able to make this one. It looks like it was a good ride!October 30 2014, 8:58pm
    Stella11 As always, hard but fun. Thanks guys. Dam......October 30 2014, 9:00pm
    arthare Hmm... I wonder if I broke something with the "joined after race starteds" I'm seeing. Sorry I couldn't stick it out. Had to do some work on the game.October 30 2014, 9:05pm
    SLY I was there at the start but off the back at the finishOctober 30 2014, 9:08pm
    arthare Hey BK/JR: If you want to handicap so you can race us slow folks (or each other), try out the FTP-handicapped race mode. It handicaps everyone's power so that 100% FTP = 300W, which means it's all about putting in the hardest workout. It usually ends up being really painful since everyone is fairly matched.October 30 2014, 9:23pm
    Stella11 i have to figure out how to change my username to match my sign in name (Stella) is BK for those wondering. Where do u see the FTP race option. October 30 2014, 9:37pm
    Justin Rogers popstar- its easy, just do an update on your phone for your kickr and it makes your ride easier lol...I was way out tonight folks...Didnt realize the update needed a recalibration heheOctober 30 2014, 9:42pm
    arthare Stella, I can change your username, but you'll have to remember to sign in using the new one. The FTP race option is available when you schedule a race (it's in a drop-down with drafting/nondrafting options)October 30 2014, 9:56pm
    campy4life a pleasure sharing the TDG road with you all ... probably a harder tempo than intended ...all good fun!October 30 2014, 10:17pm
    Roofrak_CT I am just glad to be on a saddle these days... haven't ride much in 3 months,,,BUT this handicap feature sounds interestingOctober 30 2014, 11:32pm
    Kevind Hope to see you next time guys......I'd guess a 4:30PM start would be impossible for mostOctober 31 2014, 6:03am
    popstarron Just a thought: the Ai's were set low I assume to keep them out of the way for the most part. So why not reduce their number to maybe 20? I do that for my rides to reduce the info upload glitches.October 31 2014, 7:01am
    popstarron BKelly, are you realy 100kg? If so, kudos to you for your performance. I have a tough time pushing around 77kg.October 31 2014, 7:09am
    Stella11 sadly yes, thats in season weight - should check i suppose, i'm probably 101/102 these days :-) but offer pretty nice real world drafting from what i'm told October 31 2014, 7:27am
    campy4life I guesstimated the AI wattage to equate to 3.2 to 3.7 wkg .... now know AI are 80kg, so will adjust accordingly. October 31 2014, 7:44am
    campy4life hope y'all will join next Thursday. Will schedule ride with FTP-handicap ... maybe weight-handicap the following to see how it treats the groupOctober 31 2014, 7:45am
    arthare For the FTP-handicapped one, everyone joining will want to make sure the estimated FTP you see when you click on your rider's name is realistic. Sometimes it gets set really high if your powermeter messes up briefly or if you rode really light one day.October 31 2014, 9:02am
    enduroman My powertap has gone awry. When accelerating, PT readings bounce from 0W to 150, back to 0W and has ruined my TDG sessions. I think it needs to be serviced by PT, so does anyone know how best to get this done in the Toronto area? LBS says that it doesn't need to be serviced...I think otherwise!October 31 2014, 4:25pm
    Justin Rogers I assume you have tried batteries (both head unit and wheel)....Try cleaning the male and female ends of the battery carrier in the hub. Sometime the slightest bit of corossion can cause what you describe.October 31 2014, 4:42pm
    Roofrak_CT The FTP should give interesting results but Art, what do you think of some kind of a "seniors discount" for us riders over 60, like lowering the TFP a bit for every year over 60 ;) October 31 2014, 8:48pm
    Stella11 Cyclops have lowered the price on new ones so much it's maybe not worth fixing.....they have an update or rebate program going these days. Give them and old one and get new version for 4 or 500 bucksOctober 31 2014, 9:15pm
    arthare Roofrak: The FTP calculation should only include rides you did in the last 6 months.October 31 2014, 10:12pm
    arthare Powertap issues: [1]: Check the battery of the wheel hub. The battery of the head unit doesn't matter (tdg doesn't talk to your head unit). All electronics behave very strangely when their batteries are low. [2] Check the distance between your PC and your wheel. My development PC and wheel are 8ft apart and will sometimes have trouble communicating accurately.October 31 2014, 10:14pm
    Justin Rogers I only recomend head batts at same time as hub batts because my PT would not work unless I did both at the same time...I'm on Vectors now...Wahoo Kickr for this site.....Most folks use a Garmin now anyway. October 31 2014, 10:52pm
    enduroman I have already tried fresh batteries but I'll try yet another set just in case they are duds. Thanks for the suggestions. November 2 2014, 10:35pm
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