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    Map:Racetracks: Circuit de la Sarthe (Le Mans 24H) (full)
    End Time: November 12 2014, 1:18am
    Physics Mode: FTP-handicapped
    Race Name:Blood, Sweat and Gears
    arthare Thanks to everyone that dragged my corpse just a little bit further on lap two and three.November 11 2014, 8:19pm
    arthare Hey Ben: Don't forget to update your weight when you join a race. It makes you really hard to catch :-)November 11 2014, 8:20pm
    arthare Also, I'm working on exposing people's laptimes right now. Fun story: My power for the 3 laps were 321W, 287W, 232W.November 11 2014, 8:22pm
    ajmbuckr Oh man... I could not keep up with you guys tonight. Lesson learned: do not eat 30 seconds before a race, regardless of how hungry you feel. I'll make sure I'm in it next week though!November 11 2014, 8:30pm
    bdebray Hey Arthare, I did adjust my weight but wasnt the race handicapped anyway?November 11 2014, 9:22pm
    arthare It was handcapped, so it wasn't actually a problem competitively, so you earned the first place. But what you'll find is that your next FTP-handicapped race will handicap with the same crazy-high FTP you earned this ride (and in a non-handicapped ride, there might be some torches and pitchforks). If you're actually 40kg, then double-check you picked the right trainer for the speed/cadence. If you picked the right trainer, bug us at tourdegirodev@gmail.com and we'll try to figure out what's going on.November 11 2014, 9:24pm
    arthare And of course, if you're actually a ProTour rider with a 7w/kg FTP, let us know too :-)November 11 2014, 9:26pm
    tripperjim 1st time riding against humans tonight. Awesome fun. Thanks everybody. November 11 2014, 9:26pm
    bdebray What else can I do though? First time using the program. 175lbs. Are there other settings?November 11 2014, 9:28pm
    arthare Ah, you may have encountered a bug setting up - try hitting enter after entering your weight. If it's the last thing you enter, sometimes it won't stick. I'll manually adjust your weight in this ride so you don't have to deal with the hardships of the super-high averages.November 11 2014, 9:29pm
    arthare Ok,you should be all updated. Check the numbers on your "ben" rider and make sure they make sense.November 11 2014, 9:32pm
    bdebray Cool thanks! I will check it out and make sure I hit enter next time.November 11 2014, 9:34pm
    PACman These Tuesday night throwdowns are a lot of fun! Thanks Art for all of this.AWSOME. November 11 2014, 9:37pm
    bdebray Does weight get entered automatically from now on?November 11 2014, 9:40pm
    bdebray Ya it really is a great program! 1st time, really impressed with the workout I got.November 11 2014, 9:44pm
    arthare Ben, you'll have to make sure you enter it next time. But after that, TdG will remember it on your PC.November 11 2014, 9:47pm
    Stella11 mine sometimes defaults to 40 kg on the race entry page/screen..........can usually tell as i don't see anyone in front of me like normal. U can jump out of race...switch it and jump back in. I weight 100kg so makes "slight" difference. hahaNovember 11 2014, 10:13pm
    Roofrak_CT I am starting to like thes rides. Light weights like me can climb hills fast only to get clobbered on the decent.....Kinda like what happens to me on real ridesNovember 11 2014, 10:30pm
    popstarron Tried my best. Still can't hold on to those watts to the end. I have all winter to work on that though. These FTP rides have added a lot more rabbits to chase. Nice work everyone. Art, I'm having problems with the calibration page remembering stats....my end....yours....normal?November 12 2014, 6:17am
    popstarron Just thought of a solution to the watts problem....quit my job.November 12 2014, 6:21am
    arthare Calibration page forgetting stuff is potentially my fault. As long as you don't change the actual people it should be ok. Which stat does it forget?November 12 2014, 7:14am
    popstarron First, this does not happen all the time. It doesn't remember who's connected, weights, calibration and won't highlight "start race". For the last one I have to back out and come back in to correct. Again, these things are only sometimes and not all at once.November 12 2014, 7:36am
    SLY I now always use connect to race in upper left hand corner lower connect to race is usually connected to the wrong raceNovember 12 2014, 9:38am
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