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    Map:Breakaway 12.20 miles (full)
    End Time: November 20 2014, 8:24pm
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:CSmith's race
    CSmith Great Race tonight, Very Strong performance from Rider X, Cant believe i was beaten by my wife again!!November 20 2014, 6:38pm
    Rider X Chris, I wish my wife would do the same for me; she is fit! Consider yourself lucky!! It was a great race, and not just just because I came out ahead. Thanks for the compliment. You'll let me have it the next time, I'm sure. FelipeNovember 20 2014, 8:19pm
    Rider X Did you know that Popstarron's wife is (I'm a girl)? She is strong as hell , too.November 20 2014, 8:21pm
    CSmith It was family race night :) the lower weight really helps. Trying hard to loose weight but its very hard this time of year.November 23 2014, 8:31am
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