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    Map:MSC Triathlon - Lakeside Olympic (40k) (full)
    End Time: November 22 2014, 3:26pm
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:UCC Saturday Morning Romp (50km)
    Skippy74 Didn't make the start time due to issues on my end and I paid dearly for it! Looked like couple good groups up front-nice work.November 22 2014, 11:25am
    rabbidfly Awesome turnout everyone. See you all next saturday for the next romp. If anyone has any suggestions for maps, ai strength, length, etc, let me know.November 22 2014, 11:36am
    litespeedmarc_CT Try Marc's Funky Spirals if it's still in the list of rides. I had lots of fun building that course last year. Interesting to see the "fat" guys managed to find each other in the 2nd wave!November 22 2014, 2:22pm
    arthare Marc's funky spirals is a fantastic map. It looks great at the bigger scales too - I love coming over the last ridge into the strip-mine section.November 22 2014, 4:04pm
    SherpaCV To summit the horizon and see a road like Marc's Funky Spirals, that is my dream; that is my nightmare November 24 2014, 9:12pm
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