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    Map:Sunbury YMCA Race (full)
    End Time: November 26 2014, 1:19am
    Physics Mode: FTP-handicapped
    Race Name:FTP-Handicapped Hurt Locker
    cskozlowski 1st time riding against other humans in the virtual world, had a great time. Thanks !!! Those hills were a killer.November 25 2014, 9:05pm
    Justin Rogers 120% OVER ftp?? Sheesh, thats a tough go :-)November 25 2014, 9:45pm
    arthare Don't worry too much about that - the game updates the handicapping mid-ride, so if someone's pre-ride FTP (which is what is shown here) is out of whack, they won't be able to take advantage greatly. Good ride evo-ben!November 25 2014, 10:33pm
    cskozlowski In looking at my CSV file, I noticed my cadence and HR were zeroed it. I was monitoring cadence and HR in real-time so I was wondering why they didn't get recorded?November 26 2014, 6:02am
    arthare They don't get sent to the game servers in multiplayer. If you open the game and click "open CSV folder", you can find the ones on your PC, and they have full data.November 26 2014, 7:15am
    SLY how does someone get four hundred and four percentNovember 26 2014, 7:52am
    gwoity I'd be happy to pull off 104%!November 26 2014, 8:03am
    gwoity they probably hadnt done many races and their ftp was calculated off an easy ride? just guessing.November 26 2014, 8:06am
    arthare Gwoity is correct. As I said above, the "% of FTP" shown here is calculated off their _previous_ best. Since I know Player 1 signed up a few hours before the ride, his/her previous best might've been quite low.November 26 2014, 8:16am
    SLY Them hills kick my assNovember 26 2014, 8:29am
    Justin Rogers I started this one but at 500W got dropped like I was standing still. I just bounced to check what my FTP was at. BTy rides all the time and was at 122%? Good that it adjusts while you ride I guess but if it is out off the start you are not going to catch guys that are riding over FTP. November 26 2014, 8:32am
    cskozlowski A couple of ideas for your consideration: be able to playback the race for review, have a column that shows each racer's average W/kg ... November 26 2014, 11:11am
    bdebray Justin, I had a new rider with only a couple easy rides, so that was why my FTP% was so wacky. My old rider (high FTP) got shelled at the beginning of the ride last Tuesday and I almost threw in the towel but like Art said, the game adjusted about 3/4's of the way through and I slowly brought the leaders back. It actually came down to a sprint last week and I was 2km down on the leaders by the halfway point. Quite the workout!November 26 2014, 11:31am
    bdebray For future reference, is there a way to create a new cyclist in my account with my current FTP from an old cyclist?November 26 2014, 11:34am
    BikeRadar Hi guys, thanks for the ride. As with cskozlowski, that was my first ride on Tour de Giro. Next time I'll know to be warmed up well before the start!November 26 2014, 11:36am
    cskozlowski I did a 10 km warmup before this ride, the start of this ride was intense. I had fun passing 5 people on the hills over the last 1/4 of the race ... November 26 2014, 11:42am
    arthare Playback race for review: It's a feature that's been in-progress forever, but it's not done yet. Unfortunately, online race replay is a lot like rewriting the entire game in javascript, so it's a high-cost thing to do time-wise.November 26 2014, 11:50am
    arthare Ben: it's not currently possible to combine old results to a new name. But since it's the second time that's been requested this week,I'll probably add it soon.November 26 2014, 11:51am
    Justin Rogers Ben: I'm not questioning anyones capability or FTP at all. Just the whole FTP function on the gme seems to be out to lunch :-) No disrespect at all Art. I'm TDG's biggest fan.November 26 2014, 12:08pm
    arthare The functionality in-game is working absolutely perfectly and exactly as intended, but I'm realizing that using it for these big rides is that there will always be someone new to the game or new to the sport that is improving rapidly, so it's always going to look like someone did unrealistically well. Best response for that: realize it is going to happen, and congratulate the guy on his improvement.November 26 2014, 1:59pm
    arthare The other problem, JR: what _should_ we display on the results page here? Currently we display the "% of your pre-ride FTP", but clearly that looks odd when someone does 120% (or 400%). But if we displayed "% of post-ride FTP", then anyone that improved would be at exactly 100% and it'd look dumb too.November 26 2014, 2:01pm
    arthare As for people having crazy-fast starts: Yeah, it'll happen. If someone goes in with a pre-race 1w/kg FTP and then lays down a 4w/kg ride, they'll initially be quick but will gradually get reined in as the game readjusts. Best thing to do is to not chase them at the start, and reel them in later as they slow.November 26 2014, 2:08pm
    arthare Or just ignore new riders, welcome them, and focus on beating veterans that you recognize. This is probably the best approach.November 26 2014, 2:09pm
    cskozlowski I really like what you have done with the AI riders and the riding styles: well done !!! As another feature to consider: allow riders to enter their own FTP (I realize this could be abused) but for new riders who know their FTP this might be useful.November 26 2014, 2:22pm
    cskozlowski I averaged 245W (according to my Stages Powermeter) over the duraiton of this ride, I wonder what the average power was for other riders in this race?November 26 2014, 2:32pm
    arthare You can see people's W/kg readings if you click on the names in the results and expand the "interval power" charts. We don't show that directly in an FTP race since it'd be confusing seeing the winner at 1.5w/kg :-)November 26 2014, 2:36pm
    cskozlowski Why is Evo-Ben listed as #2 on the platform, I don't see an AI rider in front of him?November 26 2014, 2:37pm
    bdebray Hey cskozlowski, I was 2nd because a rider joined late and dropped me like a sack of potatoes on the last climb (I had no hope). You have to complete the whole race to be in the listed results I believe.November 26 2014, 3:03pm
    bdebray Art, I have to say that I was a bit worried about how the handicapped ride would play out but I have to say, I am really impressed with how the AI adjusts the FTPs throughout the ride. I had more fun last week trying to real in Jennifer and Michelle last week with 15km to go. It was like a ride with a break that just gets caught in sight of the finish.November 26 2014, 3:08pm
    litespeedmarc_CT i enjoyed yesterday's ride. unfortunately my ftp is from a ride where i managed a really strong 30 minutes start. does the midway only adjust up? also i was hurting. obviously some wets hurting more (17 or so). now i may have to concede that my cold symptoms may not actually be much worse than my spouse'sNovember 26 2014, 4:57pm
    Travisguile Art, enjoyed my first race. Any suggestions as to why my ant speed/cadence would keep disconnecting? Once I had to leave the race and join back. It seemed to always set me at 121W when it would disconnect. November 26 2014, 7:29pm
    arthare ANT+ range can be as short as 4-5ft, and it can be spotty beyond that. If you can get your ANT+ stick closer to the unit, that might help. I'm also going to take a look at speed/cadence, because we've had a couple people complain about ANT+ connectivity and we don't know if it is because they're new or because that notification is new and the users have always had a problem without knowing it.November 26 2014, 7:32pm
    Travisguile Thanks art, the second time I entered the race I moved it closer probably about two feet. It was better but still in and out. Would using speed/cadence with my heart rate monitor throw it off at all? I am using the Garmin ant+ usb stick but the smaller one.November 26 2014, 7:43pm
    Travisguile Also when I downloaded the file to check it out on strava it had the avg speed over 600 km/hr and my distance over 30 km.November 26 2014, 7:47pm
    Travisguile 300kmNovember 26 2014, 7:48pm
    arthare That setup doesn't sound problematic. My computer is 8ft from my powertap, about 5ft from my chest, and I never have ANT+ dropouts. The ANT+ stick has a completely clear "view" of the devices though - there's no case between the ANT+ radio and my powermeter/hrm. A USB extension for the ANT+ stick or a battery swap on the sensor can also be a good idea.November 26 2014, 7:48pm
    arthare For your strava result, it's likely because you left for a while and rejoined, and the server didn't really know what to do with your data. You seem to uniquely have very little data associated with your ride.November 26 2014, 8:08pm
    cskozlowski Looking for all the keyboard controls for a Mac (stuff like ctrl + doesn't appear to be working), any tips/pointers would be much appreciatedNovember 27 2014, 10:59am
    arthare The mac version is pretty rough, because until yesterday, working on our mac was like pulling teeth. We just got a new mac, and I will be updating/freshening the mac edition soon.November 27 2014, 11:01am
    cskozlowski I have to say, for a 'rough' mac version I am very impressed and glad you have it basically working on this platform. Keep me posted on your progress.November 27 2014, 11:20am
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