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    Map:Breckenridge-Fairmont (full)
    End Time: January 9 2015, 2:20am
    Physics Mode: FTP-handicapped
    Race Name:Enid Bike Shop Thursday Spin
    arthare Sorry for the delay in this one posting - there was one person just coasting along at the back, and the server doesn't like rebooting when anyone is connected (obviously). I gave it a kick.January 8 2015, 9:23pm
    KCTri Nice ride guys. I was holding on for dear life at the front. Sorry for not doing more work. First time i was able to do 100% ftp on an ftp ride. Looks like the 2nd pack had a heck of a crowd going. January 8 2015, 9:24pm
    SLY I was worried that I wasn't gonna get credit for this ride thanks for explaining what happenedJanuary 8 2015, 9:33pm
    JimJack1970 Thanks for the ride. January 8 2015, 10:08pm
    enidwebjim Sorry all for the delayed ride posting. One of our riders did not complete this ride and was the straggler. We disconnected the TourdeGiro.com game interface but I guess this ghost was persistent! Thanks for helping us out Art.January 9 2015, 12:32pm
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