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    Map:Ironman Frankfurt (25%-41%)
    End Time: January 14 2015, 1:51am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:Tuesday
    MellowJohnny Phil is wicked strong! January 13 2015, 9:18pm
    Justin Rogers Not in my legs fellas, good rip..4.69w/kg?? Sick!! Nice numbers in there.January 13 2015, 9:19pm
    wheelzQC Thanks Shane.I couldn't take much pulls whit those guys numbers on the flats. Justin, I'll take 4.09 on an hour anytime on a bad night. good job. I liked the action of that map.January 13 2015, 9:24pm
    bdebray Ya it was fun for sure! I'm just glad that the climb wasn't longer or I woulda died from a heart attack.January 13 2015, 9:30pm
    MellowJohnny Rogers 4.1W on a bad night over a hour is solid.January 13 2015, 10:35pm
    Justin Rogers Ben, wait until you get off those sensors and have the trainer load up for ya hehe ;-)January 13 2015, 10:49pm
    MellowJohnny Justin I gave you a compliment it's okay to say thanks.... January 13 2015, 11:03pm
    Justin Rogers Sure...I just don't like you, if you really want to know! lJanuary 13 2015, 11:23pm
    MellowJohnny what's not to like?January 14 2015, 12:01am
    MellowJohnny P.S- don't like or hate? Just wanna know where I should corner next season.... 500k the last two weeks... Feb is week one 550-then 600-then 700k... Then I'll get serious You?January 14 2015, 12:09am
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