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    Map:Ironman Frankfurt (34%-68%)
    End Time: January 15 2015, 1:19am
    Physics Mode: Default
    SLY Very sorry about the ride. I set it up as a FTP ride and the game ran it as default. I really don't know what happened with that. I even checked it this afternoon too make sure it was FTP ride.January 14 2015, 8:27pm
    KCTri I thought I saw it as an FTP race today too. That explains the race a little better. I didn't realize it wasn't FTP so I was confused on how the race was shaping up.January 14 2015, 8:42pm
    SLY I do have them reviewing things to see what happened. We updated the program a few days ago, so I don't know if that was a problem. I was pretty disappointed. I rode by myself for most of the rideJanuary 15 2015, 6:34am
    kgutowsk most of the rides I schedule are not ftp at this time of the season. they will be later.January 15 2015, 2:15pm
    arthare Sorry guys about the not-FTP-ness. SLY emailed me and I think I've got a theory for why it wasn't FTP, and it's our fault, though kinda risky to fix.January 15 2015, 3:21pm
    SLY What does this mean for FTP races? Is it going to be all hit and miss.January 15 2015, 4:15pm
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