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    Map:Ironman 70.3 Haines City, FL, USA (0%-49%)
    End Time: January 18 2015, 7:26pm
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:FAST Club Ride
    popstarron Matt your FTP is going through the roof. Good ride everyone.January 18 2015, 7:26pm
    MattVon Thanks. It's been a good year for fitness for me... For an old man..January 18 2015, 7:35pm
    MaxPayne I'll try to hang in with you guys a little longer next time, my endurance is non existant right now. It was a fun race though.January 19 2015, 11:09pm
    rvisser Max, I feel the same way. I broke my femur last October and I'm using TdG to get back into shape now. The mind is willing but the legs and lungs aren't there. Yet.January 20 2015, 8:03am
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