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    Map:Gatineau Park "A" Loop (full)
    End Time: February 4 2015, 2:19am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:hard tuesdays
    Rider X Zut, alors! C'est toujours Phil le vainquer! February 3 2015, 10:08pm
    wheelzQC Haha love the french. Like I said, I blame everything on MattV ! Thanks for the solid 20 Justin, good job. P.S. I live about 2km from this course and do it ...all the time. Thanks for the race people, longer one tonight.February 3 2015, 10:11pm
    Justin Rogers All good...I've had that wicked flu...Daught startedtossing cookies tonight so figured I was on borrowed time so just went hard. I was right wife came done and gave me the look ;-) February 3 2015, 10:20pm
    Rider X Why all the pacers? Are they preferable to the A1's? Hey, maybe if I catch the flu, I'll ride as well as you guys - not a chance! It was a good ride anyway, thanks.February 3 2015, 10:30pm
    wheelzQC JR pops a TDG-PR with the Flu, not bad at all. Funny how Nate told the pacer "Cadel" to take a pull and telling him "good job" after hehe. February 3 2015, 10:34pm
    popstarron February 4 2015, 8:27am
    popstarron Didn't do as well as I wanted but it was a great workout anyway. Art, could you suggest again how Cathy might move her stats under my account to her Strava account. Also what do you think the reasoning is behind not showing TDG stat specifics on Strava? Don't they know you work harder on TDG than on the road?February 4 2015, 8:32am
    arthare Unlink her from your strava account, sign into her strava, then link strava again. Strava shows as much data as we send them. We don't send them course maps because I feel it is unfair to have indoor riders "competing" against real-world riders. We could grab some uninhabited island, but it'd look awful since all our maps in all different sizes would overlapFebruary 4 2015, 8:48am
    gmt can you just put the rides in the middle of the ocean?February 4 2015, 9:57am
    arthare I could, but I still don't see the benefit - the 45km version or 43km version of this map wouldn't line up, the "2%-100%" version wouldn't line up, etc. There'd basically be no way for people to actually chase segment victories unless they rode the exact same map. And if you look at a given map's stats, you'll see that it is _extremely_ rare for people to ride the exact same distance multiple times.February 4 2015, 10:02am
    MattVon I really liked that course and distance. Point-to-Point races just seem to make more sense to me. Phil was awesome, as usual. Thanks for the good race, everyone!February 4 2015, 12:27pm
    wheelzQC Thanks Matt (add all the crazy starters), you're the man. I like my comfort zone of starting slow. Fast starts definitly adds to my training. Anyone want to setup next Tuesday ? I didn't setup this one, but since it was hilly and my home course, I'll let someone else add his touch to the Tuesday fun night.February 5 2015, 1:02pm
    nrf000 Thanks guys! I agree on the point-to-point race. I got disconnected right at the start line, but was able to chase through groups till the finish!February 5 2015, 1:08pm
    MattVon Ok, next week, I'll go easy, unless someone else doesn't :). I just set up my room with a very large wall projector (150"). It really adds to the immersive factor!!February 5 2015, 3:22pm
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