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    Map:University Downs loop (full)
    End Time: February 13 2015, 8:08pm
    Physics Mode: FTP-handicapped
    Race Name:CSmith's race
    Rider X how are you guys? I'll try to join you next week. What are your thoughts on the TDG discussion concerning power meters vs speed/cadence sensor set-ups? Some of the stronger riders claim there's a 40 to 50 watts advantage with the speed/cadence sensor. I hope not, as that would mean that I'm weaker than I thought.February 13 2015, 4:12pm
    CSmith Both good thanks, weather is starting to break over here so getting some road miles in now, but still going to try for a couple of tdg a week. Not seen any discusion on power, i suppose it depends on which turbo you use as to how accurate the profile is. I use a cycleops fluid 2 which has lots of research about its power curve. Also whilst out last weekend i had a good effort up a local 1000ft climb and managed 280w which isnt far off tdg power considering it was 50miles into the ride and -4deg c in winter clothes :). Look forward to racing you next week.February 13 2015, 4:46pm
    Rider X Check out the discussion in the comments from last Tuesday night's race with 28 humans. I use a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine fluid resistance trainer which also has a lot of positive research on its power curve. The disagreement stems from the type of tire, the amount of air pressure, and mostly, the amount of pressure applied from the trainer's rolling pin to the tire. I use 23mm Michilin Pro Race 3's with 115psi (I pump them up before every ride) and I turn the rolling pin so that I can't get any perceivable slippage when I force the wheel around. The guys on CT's, Kickr's and PT's don't think that makes the grade. Roy Thomas won the race and he was on a speed/cadence sensor. Some of the others intimated that he would not have won if not for the speed/cadence power advantage. Naturally, he was insulted. Lucky you gets to ride out doors. Here in Chicago it is absolutely freezing. I don't even like going out for a short walk.February 14 2015, 12:21am
    CSmith At the end of the day there are going to be differences, it is hard to race and not take it personally when you are beaten. Even if we were all on power meters they might not follow the same calibration or put the right weight in. TDG is a great training tool and good fun. I have a turbo wheel that i use on the turbo with a cheap £8 tyre but it does have an 11-23 casette which works well for gearing. Sometimes i leave my commuting wheel on with a pro3 but an 11-28 cassette. Someimes i think the pro3 is easier and i fly off the start but then die later ending up with similar watts at the end. I have also tried winding turbo in harder but don't notice a big change. February 14 2015, 10:44am
    CSmith I know that if i keep my tyre pressure at 100psi and have turbo roller in 2turns its not far off. If tyre pressure is slighly low or turbo not in 2 turns i can feel slip as i kick for a sprint, but it is only a small amount as you can soon feel it catch up. Normal settings there is no slip. I definately vary in myself much more thsn the turbo and air temp definately has a big effect on me. I had to buy a bigger fan even though i do it in the garage when its 0deg outside.February 14 2015, 10:48am
    CSmith All the winging is another reason all my races are ftp at the moment, it makes the races very close and makes me work harder regardless of whos on. If its not FTP then any friends i race need to change their weight one way or the other. I have one friend at 50kg who is slower than me in reel life but on tdg he is faster because of his weight. He is on a fluid2 putting out 200w but kicks my butt. Hes not happy about ftp but agrees that he is actually slower so hey ho. We should all do a flat 10mile tt in the summer and post our results.February 14 2015, 10:52am
    Rider X A real TT outside? The last time I did that, was in 1989 or 90. I didn't even have any aero equipment - only a slightly lighter pair of wheels. I think I managed around 58 or 59 mins. over a 25 mile mostly flat (and some rolling course). The winning times were always around 54 mins or less.Today everyone racing has a dedicated TT/Tri bike - I don't have one. If you mean to do the TT test outside, I'd like to do it but on a road bike without any of the aero equipment.February 14 2015, 11:19pm
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