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    Map:Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant, QC, CAN (25%-100%)
    End Time: February 22 2015, 4:00pm
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:AATC Sunday Ride
    Justin Rogers I know what the Bull stands for bahahaha ;-)February 22 2015, 12:48pm
    Roy Thomas lot of people have rode with me ..and gave me the name from my club lol its a small world you will find out :))February 22 2015, 1:49pm
    Justin Rogers bahahah. That's better than my comment.February 22 2015, 5:25pm
    Roy Thomas ;) spring is coming soon February 22 2015, 5:31pm
    Justin Rogers Careful what you wish for. I've done my homework, have you? You can't come around me on my worst day and you on your best....bahahah!!!February 22 2015, 5:40pm
    Roy Thomas I have done my home work .but you do have more experience. wht ever happens.happens. :)) I like being the underdog I got nothing to lose baahaahaaFebruary 22 2015, 6:10pm
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