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    Map:Marc's Funky Spirals (0%-55%)
    End Time: March 4 2015, 12:53am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:bikesurgeon's race
    EGW1970 Full disclosure, guys (especially Art), near the base of the final climb the sound of my trainer began to change. At the end of the race, tire was almost completely flat which gave me an edge. Otherwise, Art would have KILLED me on that finish!March 3 2015, 8:03pm
    arthare I've had that happen on my CT. For me at least, it wasn't an advantage, as it started slipping like mad and I couldn't put power down.March 3 2015, 8:16pm
    thomascfurman dropped a chain after a few miles. great fun trying to catch up.March 3 2015, 8:16pm
    arthare Great race overall though. I was _dying_ pretty much from the last spiky climb. Ben's attack to get into free air on the downhill over that climb was what I intended to do, but he actually pulled it off.March 3 2015, 8:17pm
    EGW1970 Art, I don't (can't) make mad power output like you do!March 3 2015, 8:17pm
    EGW1970 Thomas, I spent the whole race WISHING my bike would drop a chain...March 3 2015, 8:18pm
    bdebray That was a great race! I was watching the gap slowly fall...held on by half a second. That course was tougher than I expected.March 3 2015, 8:24pm
    k church The hill at the end was punishing!March 3 2015, 8:32pm
    EGW1970 Ben, I spiked my HR (as much as I still could) on that last hill, but with that and a tire going flat, I still couldn't catch...kept trying and fading.March 3 2015, 8:50pm
    arthare Lol @ EGW's drafting percentage, which he just pointed out to me on Strava. Ben & I were at 17-20%, and he was 42%!March 3 2015, 9:11pm
    bdebray Haha...thats some smart racing!March 3 2015, 9:20pm
    bdebray EGW, I can't believe u flatted and kept it going!! On that last hill I was just staring at the time gap, hoping u wouldn't sprint past with 100m to go.March 3 2015, 9:22pm
    EGW1970 I must admit I'm not proud of my drafting %, but it's because of the drafting that I can even stay within eye shot of you monsters! I'm a 137 pound pencil, strategy is everything to me! :)March 3 2015, 9:34pm
    EGW1970 Oh, and believe me, there was no 'sprint' left! If Art wouldn't have been breathing down my neck, I would have quit and soft pedaled!March 3 2015, 9:36pm
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