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    Map:Muskoka Long Course / Bike leg (full)
    End Time: March 4 2015, 1:56am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:Tuesday's Classic
    Rider X Mattv!! Phil!! Powerful!! March 4 2015, 12:08am
    popstarron Can't get my numbers up. Starting to get discouraged. How do you guys do it? Lightspeedmarc, you should do well in the Tour of the Battenkill.March 4 2015, 6:21am
    MattVon Ron - I wish there was an easy answer to this. There are so many factors to consider. It's really a matter of balancing lots of base miles on the bike with ultra intensity work and rest. Rest is so important. When you race, it needs to be maximum effort, but you need to allow yourself plenty of rest. Intervals are super important. I don't race in the real world any more, but I still do a lot road miles when the weather permits, and that gives me a base, but I am far from the fittest I have been. I love to ride hills and mountains and I have found those miles are the best I do. Don't give up!! It will happen!!March 4 2015, 8:34am
    wheelzQC I think TDG, the Tuesday's are golden. I can say I've been progressing every year since I started cycling, but I can't say that I see progression every week in max number. I do seem to get tougher; I can get the power out despite having tired legs. I find the summer uses more of the extremes in power range (Low power in the draft, coasting and high power for hills, surges, etc). In the Winter I want to do something different and use TDG (which still uses a bit of FTP+ power), tempo on a tacx RLV hill and skate ski. It's a case by case thing, but it looks like you're doing it right in the winter. My power profile is best on the shorter stuff, so that TDG stuff hits what I need to work on. @Rider X Thanks man ! @ MattV Good show yesterday, I was struggling to keep the pwr average up, you pushed hard on those hills and it helped to keep it up. It really shows that you're on a wahoo, looks like I had it easier on the downhills.March 4 2015, 9:00am
    MattVon XC Skating is the best training there is! The calories I burn in one workout is like two rides. Yeah, I'm completely spun out on the downhills in a 53x12 on the Kickr just to keep contact. I think I may put on a 54x11 for TDG!! I've always been a hillclimber, so I reflexively go harder on the up hills. Phil- did you just have a baby?March 4 2015, 11:46am
    popstarron Thanks for the feed back on our ad hoc workout forum. XC skiing becomes a time to play for me. I drop more weight on TDG. Obviously everyone's physiology is different. Had a feeling I might be riding with people who have larger chainrings. I'm working with compacts.March 4 2015, 12:46pm
    MattVon Maybe I'm not the best example. I tend to be a pusher.. rpms in high 70sMarch 4 2015, 1:23pm
    Rider X Ron, don't lose heart! Try out some of the coaching like FinKraft and others - where a coach sets up a program for you and reviews all your workouts and races with constructive criticism. It may cost some, but if you want to race in the real world successfully, it's worth the investment. Maybe try a 53 chain ring on the trainer and as long a crank arm as you can handle for maximum torque. I have some 177.5's I may put on to try and see if it makes any difference. FelipeMarch 4 2015, 1:39pm
    wheelzQC Matt, yeah on the 17th. It's our third and since the boys are older it's running smooth so far. March 4 2015, 3:48pm
    MattVon Phil Congratulations (belated) - kudos to your wife for letting you ride. Now I know why you were a bit slower this week ;)March 4 2015, 5:32pm
    wheelzQC thanks and I'll take any excuse :). anyone want to ride tomorrow? its starting to be nice out but not enough to get the quality of training here. there's also the 7pm shorter race.March 9 2015, 9:03am
    popstarron I'm up for the 7:00 or the 7:30 hurt locker.March 9 2015, 9:22am
    MattVon Still too much snow on the road for me :( I'm good for either, but I'd rather do 40K....March 9 2015, 9:47am
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