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    Map:TDF 2013-Nice-Nice (full)
    End Time: March 17 2015, 11:39pm
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:bikesurgeon's race
    Rider X With the weather improving for many people, the turnout for Tuesday nights is abating. Doesn't it make sense to make it just one Tuesday night race and maintain as large a field as possible for one race? Anyway, just a thought. Another very close one between the 2 strong men! Wow! FelipeMarch 17 2015, 11:13pm
    wheelzQC thanks Felipe. I agree with what you say. Let's keep it to one ride... it will still be cold outside next week. Mattv pushed me hard, pretty happy with that solid training.March 18 2015, 5:33am
    MattVon I don't know what happened with the schedule yesterday. I didn't see another one scheduled. I might just have seen been following Phil, as is usually the case for me ;)March 18 2015, 7:30am
    wheelzQC Some people create "pacers", I just bug you to join the race I do. It was actually super cool how it went down last night. I wanted that 320w, so thanks. Last night had a 7pm race, 7h15(FTP), 7h30 (no draft flat TT) with 3-4 guys each.March 18 2015, 7:52am
    MattVon I took a nap last night before the race, but I fell asleep into a deep 1.5 hour sleep. I awoke about 5 minutes before the race and barely got my cycling shoes on. My heart rate at the start was 45! Quite a way to wake up!!!March 18 2015, 9:09am
    litespeedmarc_CT Was hoping more people would show up for TT! Phil called it before... it wasn't going to be a popular ride. Though have to say, I quite enjoyed it, watching Rider X (Felipe?) real me in OH so gently, holding 19 seconds for 5 laps, and then slowly getting reeled in to 3"March 18 2015, 12:38pm
    wheelzQC no rides were popular last night :(. I tried to get on your ride but legs felt dead... a few minutes later they were back on for some low tempo, but too late for the TT. Matt, I've had super short warmups this year(2 minutes yesterday) but it seems to be helping hehe... looks like it did good for you as well. Marc your idea wasn't too bad ! looks like you guys had a nice ride, but I have enough with our summer TTs :) March 18 2015, 12:59pm
    MattVon Phil- I don't think the lack of warm up is so bad, but being asleep 5 minutes before, I was not in the mindset to suffer...To bad this system does not have a more robust calendar and forum section....it begs for it.March 18 2015, 5:58pm
    wheelzQC forgot the sleeping part...that's another level. I might try to hit one tonight, for sure not as hard. Agreed that it needs a forum to poke people around for a training/race.March 19 2015, 10:50am
    wheelzQC Matt, are you going to log next Tuesday ? I was thinking since it looks like the group is getting thiner to either have the other guys (like Marc) ride at a lower weight or do a FTP race. Not the biggest fan of FTP race, but with regular riders it could be decent. Just looking to have a way to hit 300w+ and for people to have fun.March 19 2015, 3:21pm
    MattVon Sure, I'm in. The last few FTP races were so hard for me that I dropped out., however. I had to redline just to stay with the main group. It's really hard on the kickr because you get penalized on downhills. March 19 2015, 4:48pm
    Rider X Marc, that was a good ride. Too bad others did not join us. I tried to reel you in but was not able to do it. How about a Fartlek of some kind for next Tuesday.FelipeMarch 19 2015, 6:32pm
    Rider X Phil, didn't you schedule the race for next Tuesday? I thought it was there, but it's not. Bike-surgeon has two 30k races scheduled for the same 6:00 start time. I still think just one race would be best. What are you guys planning to do?March 22 2015, 11:55am
    wheelzQC Yeah... I don't remember deleting it, but must have been me. I'll re-create it.March 22 2015, 2:08pm
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