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    Map:Ironman Frankfurt (9%-41%)
    End Time: March 25 2015, 12:30am
    Physics Mode: FTP-handicapped
    Race Name:Tuesday Classic
    Rider X That was hard, but still a blast! TF and Gino, that was close in the end. Thanks. The top three had to push their FTP's to best Phil and Matt. Kudos!March 24 2015, 8:45pm
    thomascfurman great ride. RiderX, couldn't hang in on that last climb, strong finish. Thanks for the pulls. Saw ya comin' Gino but couldn't do a thing about it. March 24 2015, 9:04pm
    jmgates That was a blast! Loved the course...finishing climb was a brute.March 24 2015, 9:17pm
    MattVon I wasn't ready for that finish! I think I was turning about 10 rpm up the last push...March 24 2015, 9:35pm
    ginod I was fortunate to have a helpy for the race. I was still near max HR at the end. I owe that to Rider X and TF.March 24 2015, 9:54pm
    thomascfurman Gino, saw that helpy in your pack. Thought we could stay ahead of you after he dropped out. But guess you had other plans. Great push.March 24 2015, 10:14pm
    wheelzQC Ok, that did the job and got my number. Didnt think I would last long, there was a few oh-oh moments. BTY was beasting it at first with the PRs. Than the chase started with the two guys upfront, not always easy to get a flow at the front. At one point we were getting some seconds back and had a good flow. Funny to see some guys with 100+% further back and a guy like Marc at 93% in the game. He must have pushed at the right time.March 24 2015, 10:15pm
    thomascfurman Popstarron, thanks for the CT set-up advice.March 24 2015, 10:20pm
    jmgates Popstarron and other CT riders, what tire do you use? I'm using a Continental indoor trainer tire (orange). Wears like iron, but still slips on 10%+ climbs. March 24 2015, 10:35pm
    Rider X Marc rode a smart race. Look at the drafting numbers; Marc is at 56% while I'm at 26%. Besides, numbers don't necessarily win a race. I know that most of you guys race April through October, but maybe we could schedule one of these even just once every 2 weeks or once a month even - that would be cool. FelipeMarch 24 2015, 10:47pm
    wheelzQC Yeah, the FTP experiment wasn't too bad at all. As long as guys don't "forget this FTP" we can get a fun training. The course was pretty cool... it's one of my favorite to pick, a classic for the classic. March 25 2015, 5:25am
    MattVon I think we need a race to practice rotating pacelines. Maybe a lot of triathletes here, heheMarch 25 2015, 7:37am
    popstarron So glad you brought that up Matt. It's been on my mind for a while. Jm I use the Vitoria indoor trainer. Like it but have limited experience with brands.March 25 2015, 7:52am
    Rider X Concerning tires, I just use my old somewhat worn tires (Michelin Pro Race) that have a few cuts but are other wise good. The harder the rubber compound the more likely you'll have slippage.Then I inflate them to 50 psi, crank down the tension on the trainer, and then inflate to 115psi. If there is any slippage, it's in the first couple of minutes when it's still cold and only if I stand up and do a hard acceleration.March 25 2015, 6:27pm
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