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    Map:Gatineau Park "A" Loop (full)
    End Time: April 1 2015, 1:55am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:Tuesday TDG jam!
    Rider X I'm going to have to reevaluate my strategy. Apparently, having sent MattV a bit of ague via the post only gave him a fever, but not enough to stop him from kicking ass again as usual. What to send Phil? Tabernac, une maitresse! A demanding mistress he can't keep his mind off making him miss weeks of training, gain tons of weight and lose all his focus. All jokes aside, you guys rock! Have a very successful season on the road with many victories! Cheers, FelipeMarch 31 2015, 10:42pm
    wheelzQC lol thanks felipe. I think the Norco guys are racing Friday. Good luck to them! That was an awesome winter of Tuesdays. Thanks everyone. March 31 2015, 11:16pm
    MattVon Haha. I came completely unglued today. My heartrate was pegged. I've learned over the years that a good hard sweat is a great way to shake a low grade fever...March 31 2015, 11:18pm
    wheelzQC It's a tough course to pace, plus it took a while to catch you and BTy. It was a struggle, without you, to keep the numbers up. I would have shut it down after the Fortune hill (the 4-5 min-ish climb).April 1 2015, 10:51am
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