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    Map:Ironman 70.3 Oceanside, CA, USA (32%-78%)
    End Time: November 11 2015, 1:08am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:Bikesurgeon's Tuesday Night Ride
    Tour:BikeSurgeon's November Tour(Schedule | Results)
    popstarron Thanks for the workout guys. Good push on the sprint.November 10 2015, 8:13pm
    clint Great race! I was within a watt of my best all-time one hour power which was also set in a TourDeGiro race. November 10 2015, 8:53pm
    Roy Thomas Guys I'm on the way to the hospital to get a new heart lol I was instructed to take it easy cause I have a functional threshold test on Thursday. .but tonight's race was fun as hell I could not resist ..thanks!!November 10 2015, 9:04pm
    popstarron 3.76W. Why would you need a new heart? I'll take your old one. Wasn't this the stress test?November 10 2015, 9:31pm
    litespeedmarc_CT Great ride, enjoyed it. That was a really strong come back after your technical glitch at the start Matt!! I had Zwift with the CompuTrainer, and Giro on the PowerTap. It was odd at times, having to "climb" one when going downhill on the other one.November 10 2015, 10:02pm
    MattVon yeah, I 'escaped' myself out of the race.. took forever to reconnect... I think was pushing over 450w to try to catch up... ouch. I've got a kickr and it's tough on the downhills to keep up. I don't have a big enough gear to put the power on the pedals...November 10 2015, 10:28pm
    Roy Thomas I have no complaints I just worked my ass off ...kept I bit were I could ..I knew a strong finish was the only way ...it was to tight ..I worked so hard to catch the firest breakaway November 10 2015, 10:34pm
    bikesurgeon Thanks for joining in! We will keep the rides going through February so tell everyone! Kicked my butt tonight! Good race.November 10 2015, 11:46pm
    popstarron Zwift AND TdG! It might have been odd, but I'll bet it's what kept you kicking ass on the down hills.November 11 2015, 5:29am
    bobsmart567 Hello. New TdG user here. Any objections to forming a Strava Club to spread the word?November 11 2015, 10:59am
    popstarron No objection here. You've got Zwift and TdG on Strava. I think there's more flexibility with booking races and group rides on TdG.November 11 2015, 11:30am
    bobsmart567 Sure - just another place to advertise a ride or race and add links back to the TdG site. November 11 2015, 11:42am
    popstarron Cool. I don't think Art would object. I'm surprised none of us thought of that before. November 11 2015, 12:19pm
    MattVon It would be great if we could have races with around 30 people. That would be fun, as long as they didn't try to beat me..November 11 2015, 1:14pm
    litespeedmarc_CT I'm working on some of my race friends... they are all on Zwift now, but I still retain hope. It really would be nice to upload our files as virtual courses now that Strava has the "virtual ride" optoin. It'd be even better publicity. Also working on selling Art on this, but he's gotten back into being fit now, and less development.November 11 2015, 1:24pm
    popstarron Seems to me that platforms like this are the best way to be a fit programming geek. My youngest adult son still thinks it's better to have over developed thumbs.November 11 2015, 1:46pm
    MattVon I think TdG will benefit from Zwift and smart trainer sales in general, but TdG is really an advanced hobby type company. I think a lot more could be done with TdG (like a more polished website), but everything takes money....November 11 2015, 3:13pm
    popstarron And time. Could an open source format be applied to take advantage of riders hidden Web talents? November 11 2015, 3:37pm
    MattVon I doubt Art et al. would want to give up control over their creation. I don't think there is a big enough community of devs who would want to contribute, they'd have to donate the entire system to the open source community. That might be cool, but someone still has to pay for hosting, admin,profit....November 11 2015, 5:01pm
    popstarron And proprietary info.November 11 2015, 5:18pm
    bobsmart567 I emailed Art, and he's cool with it. Here's a link to the group. Tell your friends! :) https://www.strava.com/clubs/167304November 12 2015, 12:30am
    popstarron So Mark, when I see lightspeedmark ct and pt, are those both you?November 12 2015, 7:48am
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