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    Map:Ironman 70.3 Taiwan (40%-67%)
    End Time: November 25 2015, 1:15am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:BikeSurgeon Tuesday Night Race
    Tour:BikeSurgeon's November Tour(Schedule | Results)
    Roy Thomas amazzing race thanks ...had nothing for you guys today :) November 24 2015, 8:21pm
    arthare I popped halfway through the 3rd lap, and totally died halfway through the last lap. I was working really hard, but the gap to mattv just wasn't closing.November 24 2015, 8:39pm
    MattVon I credit the meatball sub I had before the race....November 24 2015, 8:41pm
    Rider X Kudos to Matt!! Art, what happened? I was hoping to see a sprint finish between you and Matt. Great race everybody! See everyone next week. To US riders, Happy Thanksgiving!!November 24 2015, 8:43pm
    arthare Lap 3: I let matt get away a bit after theoretically clinching the green jersey, telling myself: "it's ok, I just have to beat him by 20 seconds over the next 14 minutes to win the race". But 1/3rd though the last lap, I hadn't closed the gap by a single second, and was about to yak. Also, my hamstring was bugging me and since I already have a running injury, I didn't want to lose another sport :-(November 24 2015, 8:49pm
    Rider X Sorry Art, I posted before your comment showed up. I thought you had to tend to the server in the middle of the race. November 24 2015, 8:49pm
    arthare Nope, just to my sissiness :)November 24 2015, 9:00pm
    MattVon Well I guess sissies are a lot tougher these days than when I was a kid...November 24 2015, 9:15pm
    litespeedmarc_CT Enjoyed it very much as well as usual. Still working on getting my Zwift friends off this "Europeen gran fondo on a 15km course" sillyness. I definitively prefer the TdG Tuesday nights. Art/Matt you guys were doing great, really tired from Monday, I was wheel sucking as much as I could, surging to get back on (when I think you were attacking). Eventually couldn't keep up anymore. Settled in tempo, and was happy to see Micah come by & drag my ass to the finish.November 25 2015, 3:56pm
    arthare Yeah, we're tracking pretty much exactly down by 50% since last year both in terms of money and riders. It's fine for me since I'm pretty burnt out, but my telescope collection isn't growing as fast as last year. Though we also have been doing zero marketing this year. Might do a "we still exist" newsletter soon.November 25 2015, 4:14pm
    thomascfurman Art, don't give it up! Love the format and all you do. Much appreciated .November 25 2015, 7:38pm
    arthare Don't worry, the servers won't shut down as long as we're paying for them. The game itself is extremely low-maintenance. Upgrades may be spotty, though I have been working on a website revamp since I've been transferred to doing web stuff at work and now actually have some skills...November 25 2015, 7:47pm
    arthare www.tourdegiro.com/TourDeGiroInstall_optionalLabels.exe has a slightly improved workout mode (transparency!) and more informative (but as I found out last night, somewhat annoying) player labels.November 25 2015, 7:53pm
    MattVon Art - any chance you could support the Tacx Neo? I have been using one and the quietness is a game changer for some environments, I believe. I hope you can hold your own with TDG, it's really a great platform. I don't like like Zwift for some reason. I really like the scheduled event format and not the open ride format. I think a better website with a really nice calendar that emphasizes race events would be great addition November 26 2015, 8:26am
    arthare Matt, are you a mac user? I don't remember. Have you tried to detect the thing simply by picking the kickr? I know there's at least one other hill-simulating smart trainers that'll work with our kickr option.November 26 2015, 4:54pm
    MattVon Art- I'm pretty much PC based , at least for my cycling setup. I'll try hooking up the Neo. I had to send the one I got back because the first batch seemed to all have a defect. For the short time it worked, I liked it better than the KICKR. and I like the KICKR a lot.November 28 2015, 11:49am
    arthare I'm actually riding on a completely silent trainer, but it's not computerized. A local guy is in his development stages, and it's pretty sweet. No tire removal, no tire contact, no noise, no moving parts, and it produces enough watts. Pretty cool unit. Let me know (via email, so we produce a bit less noise on this race) if the neo works with the kickr option. If not, I can hook up generic ANT+ FE-C support (probably).November 28 2015, 12:02pm
    popstarron Guys, don't stop the noise. I like reading the tech talk. I think it's also an add boost.November 28 2015, 12:25pm
    MattVon Hehe.. I don't think Art wants this to become a discussion forum!November 28 2015, 1:46pm
    popstarron Can we establish one on TdG and Strava team TdG?November 28 2015, 2:03pm
    arthare You can. I think someone was going to, but I'm not sure if it ended up happening. Check for an existing one before you make a new one :-)November 28 2015, 2:39pm
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