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    Map:WMRT - Pearre Rd. to Hancock (full)
    End Time: December 13 2015, 7:03pm
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:FAST Sunday Ride
    wheelzQC @Matt.... Tacx Neo ?December 14 2015, 10:09am
    MattVon Yeah. I just got the Tacx Neo. It's really nice. Very smooth and almost silent. The kickr has a significant lag when you accelerate, it takes about 3 seconds to respond. This makes it very hard to draft on the Kickr. The Neo seems to be respond almost instantly. The Kickr is great for steady state riding, but if you are simulating slope and drafting as in TdG, it's not as good. Going to put a pair of powertap pedals on this week and compare both kickr and Neo, but the Neo seems to be a bit lower. I guess I'll have to work extra hard!December 14 2015, 11:52am
    wheelzQC My friend bought one, it looks like a really fine piece of equipement. Plus I like the Tacx videos to do some lower tempo on climbs. I just bought a new PM (P2Max) a few weeks ago, it still not clear if there's a difference with my quarq (the quarq you can check the slopw with a weight). I'm still bugging InsideRide to let me beta their Ant+ module. They just don'th ave one for my model out so far. I prefer to feel the hills like you.December 14 2015, 1:36pm
    wheelzQC By the way, in TDG what trainer do you select ? I'll let my friend know if he wants to try it out.December 14 2015, 1:37pm
    MattVon Art made me a test build. Because it's based on the Ant+FE-C standard, any trainer that adopts this standard would work.I'm not sure if he burned that functionality into the main published version yet. In my experience there is always a difference in power meters, especially between crank vs. wheel based meters. I like the Powertap P1 because I can move them between bikes...December 14 2015, 3:28pm
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