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    Map:Around Town Ride - Wilmington VT (full)
    End Time: December 22 2015, 11:30am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:Tuesday AM Ride
    popstarron Nice riding you two. Where'do everyone else go?December 22 2015, 8:07am
    PeterD Sorry .... we have migrated to Zwift ... has good and bad compared to TdG but overall real cool. Not sure if we will be coming back to TdG. Will see. December 22 2015, 11:22am
    kgutowsk I looked at Zwift but until they get a multi-rider version many of the FAST group will be here as we have a compuTrainer multi center with 7 units on one computer. Then we have about 5 join from their homeDecember 24 2015, 9:22am
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