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    Map:Ironman Lake Tahoe (1 Lap) (58%-75%)
    End Time: December 30 2015, 1:11am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:BikeSurgeon Tuesday Night Race
    Tour:BikeSurgeon's December Tour(Schedule | Results)
    popstarron One man's neutral is another man's interval. Lol. You guys are turning into supermen.December 29 2015, 8:45pm
    MattVon Yeah, I guess everyone didn't get the memo..i think the neutral start is nice.December 29 2015, 9:15pm
    Turbo442 I would have done better if the derailleur was on the right side of the bikeDecember 29 2015, 9:17pm
    wheelzQC Today was nice. I mean I regret having all sorts of issues. It looks like some pack were forming. I think an easier course we would have more people sticking together. I think a flatter course would add to the game. Also stronger AIs. Beer time... I was aiming for a 260w day, but that connection problem motivated me. Happy to hit 300w for the first time with this powermeter. Thanks guys for the training. I'm looking at a few files on strava and it looks a few had solid days. Nice win MattV !December 29 2015, 9:34pm
    MattVon Thanks Phil! Sorry you had troubles. Tonight my legs just felt good. Funny how some days your can pedal with power in smooth circles and other days its all triangles... I like hilly courses. I train in mountains a lot, so I really have the mind for that. I was hoping Marc and I would make it to the finish for the sprint, but I know how that goes some days...December 29 2015, 10:08pm
    thomascfurman If having more people stick together is a desirable thing (I think so), then isn't an FTP ride the solution?December 30 2015, 9:17am
    MattVon How about a Thursday night FTP race?December 30 2015, 9:34am
    wheelzQC I want to start using my TT bike so you guys can push me. I don't think I can do over 4w right now. I liked that a few weeks ago Matt, Marc and I stuck together despite having .5wkg differenceDecember 30 2015, 9:51am
    Turbo442 I wonder if they will have the rear derailleur issue fixed by the next ride. Wierd.December 30 2015, 10:01am
    bikesurgeon The races for next month are set for race tracks that are hilly and short so more options to ride with lapped riders. They Ai are set higher at 275 as well.December 30 2015, 10:22am
    thomascfurman Thursday FTP sounds good to me, but not tomorrow. Thanks December 30 2015, 11:14am
    wheelzQC Would you guys be interested in a Thursday stage race for this month (4 stages), FTP based ? Just throwing this out... We could have a flat stage, rolling stage, TT (non drafting) and final stage with hill finish or even throw a longer stage. Could be omnium style or time.January 4 2016, 3:50pm
    MattVon I'm in, but I like drafting....January 4 2016, 4:50pm
    popstarron Sorry to be a little thick. Are you suggesting 4 events in one day or one for each of 4 Thursdays? What about a 3 stage race on a weekend? Time trial and crit on Saturday (morning and late day), and a road race on Sunday.January 4 2016, 6:05pm
    popstarron I meant Tuesdays.January 4 2016, 6:06pm
    thomascfurman I'm in for just a out anything. FTP preferred. January 4 2016, 6:48pm
    Turbo442 Me too...with the derailleur on the right side this time.January 4 2016, 7:33pm
    popstarron Dude, most criteriums run in a clockwise direction so having the deraillure on the wrong side means you won't trash when you crash.January 4 2016, 7:51pm
    wheelzQC I meant every Thursday but I like your idea as well. January 4 2016, 8:02pm
    popstarron How about a 10 mile TT in the morning and a 20 lap crit on 1.6k late day Saturday and a road race on Taconic GPSies Sunday morning.January 5 2016, 6:26am
    popstarron Make that a few weekends out so people can plan.January 5 2016, 6:27am
    popstarron BTW, I have a question. Are computrainer users the only people who have to calibrate before a ride?January 5 2016, 6:29am
    wheelzQC popstarron, depends on the race time, my boys have their sports in the AM. For your question, I calibrate my P2Max (or Quarq) after the warmup.January 5 2016, 1:36pm
    popstarron What's the usual AM time? Would a TT before hand be a conflict?January 5 2016, 2:15pm
    wheelzQC (Est) Saturday from like 8:30 to 12:00, but might be able to be available anything before 9:45. Sunday 7:30 to around 9:40. I am tempted by your idea... I would do a 15-20 min TT on my TT (based on my TT FTP), Crit would be 40mi (on my road FTP) and then long stage that MattV has always been asking for !January 5 2016, 2:41pm
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