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    Map:Racetracks: Mosport (full)
    End Time: January 27 2016, 1:00am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:Bikesurgeon's Tuesday Night Race
    Tour:BikeSurgeon's January Tour(Schedule | Results)
    Roy Thomas you guys were tuff today !!! strong as they come ..good run :)January 26 2016, 8:24pm
    litespeedmarc_CT Well surely you're not talking about me! Good run everyone. Horrible horrible for me, had to just turn all the resistance off & make it a recovery!January 26 2016, 8:30pm
    MattVon First time I've been on my bike in three weeks...horrible cold just won't quit me... I just wanted to ride and suffer, I guess...January 26 2016, 9:04pm
    Turbo442 Not a bad ride considering our rear derailleurs are on the wrong side.January 26 2016, 9:06pm
    MattVon Haven't you heard? Rear derailleurs are moving to left side now to offset the crank weight on the right side....January 27 2016, 8:28am
    popstarron I still contend that it's for crash resistance in criteriums. Anyone scope out next Tuesday's ride. Max hill repeats!January 27 2016, 8:56am
    popstarron Hey what happened to my Strava report?January 27 2016, 8:59am
    dlacroix2488 Nice to see many people on the race. Despite feeling strong tonight, my Power was surely over estimated compared to previous rides I had on TDG. Knowing Roy, he normally nails me! Something to fine tune in the coming few rides.January 27 2016, 9:49am
    Roy Thomas i been at the end of some comets before dont worry about and placing or power isue ...we are all here to ride and work out ..the power thing is a funny thing ..if you suffer now ..it shows in coming months / spring if we have fun and others to ride with its all good .. best advice i can give is get a power meter or smart trainer when u can the rest is just not real January 27 2016, 2:55pm
    MattVon Yeah, The Kickr Snap for $700 dollar is great option .. (still a lot of money, but if you ride a lot, it cheap fun (?) per hour)January 27 2016, 4:07pm
    popstarron So everyone is getting sick and now it's my turn. You guys did it to me. Isn't this and on line virus?January 28 2016, 9:58am
    MattVon I hope you don't have what I have...January 28 2016, 11:44am
    popstarron If it makes me as fast as you, bring it on.January 28 2016, 11:55am
    Turbo442 I hear everybody sooner or later will get this dang bug but especially if you have your derailleurs on the wrong side.January 28 2016, 12:02pm
    MattVon For me, as long as I am rested, I think it's helpful to ride even when sick, within reason. As long as you don't have a fever, I just try to muscle through it. January 28 2016, 12:09pm
    litespeedmarc_CT Which one of you is bikesurgeon? Does it always have to be hilly!? I had scheduled a flat crit style for this next Tuesday. Kind'a sucks that a conflicting race was scheduled. Tired of hills, so it'll be an easy choice for me.January 28 2016, 12:25pm
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