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    Map:3-State Ride - VTNHMA (10%-83%)
    End Time: March 16 2016, 12:09am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:Still Sweating Indoors
    popstarron Tonight was my turn for technical hiccups. Not that I could have managed a 378w average.March 15 2016, 9:19pm
    litespeedmarc_CT 378? Oh you saying you'd need that for 3.7+ w/kg! I really enjoyed last night, after 4 minutes at 400 (I was using erg mode, is that cheating?) I was just about to give up (cadence was down to almost 60), then I saw "1 second", and got a second wind. Good course, good company. Curious to see what will happen with TdG next year.March 16 2016, 12:45pm
    popstarron Hope TdG survives people jumping ship for a pretty face. I really enjoy uploading and booking rides and seeing other riders offerings.March 16 2016, 1:05pm
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