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    Map:Breckenridge-Fairmont (full)
    End Time: December 3 2016, 2:30pm
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:The Bike Shop Spin
    enidwebjim Sorry we were late! Trying to get in to the inside mode.December 3 2016, 9:44am
    popstarron Not sure what happened here, but Cathy and I were on one race results list while the rest of you were on another. Either way, it was good to be riding with all of you again.December 3 2016, 1:44pm
    enidwebjim Cathy and yourself started on time so was given a finish position. We were late and started about 5 minutes late. We are on the listing but at the end as joined after race started. We have enjoyed riding with you in previous years and will be indoors for awhile most likely. We ride on a schedule delegated by Shop times. Normally just after 6:00 pm Central time on Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday and Sunday we usually ride in the mornings at 7:30 am and 8:00 am respectively.December 3 2016, 2:57pm
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