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    Map:Ironman 70.3 Racine, WI, USA (full)
    End Time: December 22 2013, 4:49pm
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:FAST Club Sunday Ride
    Skippy74 bky sure attacked from the start and finished strong!! Great ride with so many human racers!! thanksDecember 22 2013, 8:45pm
    Stella11 Fun ride/race (It's Brian-aka, bky) I was doing some intervals and TDG seemed like it would make them somehow less dull. We had a nice duel at the end skippy. Are u a GTA guy ? December 22 2013, 9:07pm
    kgutowsk This is Ken who had some technical difficulties. I was trying to get 4 people from my house riding. My daughter said she could start, then my wive's computrainer was connected. I rebooted and found myself at the very, very end. Skippy and Stella had nice rides. I was able to catch all but you two. I'm not a GTA guy, I don't know what that means. I'm a guy from MI, club called FAST. We have about 6-7 guys on it. One dropped due to a flat, one started to feel ill. We have races regularly.December 22 2013, 9:46pm
    Stella11 Now I get it, "FAST CLUB" rides.......I'm new here and thought you might have been letting everyone know it wasn't going to be easy :-) GTA is Greater Toronto Area btwDecember 22 2013, 10:07pm
    Skippy74 Nope--live in VA (far suburbs outside of Washington, DC). Thanks for letting me join in the fun with a GTA guy and a bunch of MI guys!! Had a good time suffering!December 22 2013, 10:39pm
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