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    Map:Ironman Frankfurt (13%-47%)
    End Time: February 5 2014, 1:48am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:Tuesday's Classico
    Justin Rogers Welcome to racing against ANT+ sensors lol.......Need to post weights I think?February 4 2014, 9:05pm
    MellowJohnny Brian 5.34W/KG very impressive but not as impressive as that 6.2W/KG segment the last 20 minutes. I gotta ask how did you go from 2.5W/KG area a few rides ago to averaging 5.34? I need your program bro! - Shane LavellFebruary 4 2014, 9:05pm
    wheelzQC Sweet numbers DG ! Good race everybody, thanks for joining. February 4 2014, 9:11pm
    MellowJohnny I agree Justin. I weighed 79kg Sunday but 80kg tonight prior to riding so 80 KG was the value. We had I guesstimate 35 humans riding... It's the best roll of the week but people feel the need to come in an screw with the ride, I don't get it? - February 4 2014, 9:11pm
    MellowJohnny Phil I had to sit on you the 2k stretch bro... I was hurting... Poor recovery off the T.T Sunday. That race hurt :)February 4 2014, 9:21pm
    jordan that was my first race with humans,, very cool February 4 2014, 9:29pm
    SuperCycle50 I'm so sorry that my trainer was way off what my watts per kg number would have been on the real road (4-5). I tried my trainer on a different resistance setting tonight. I'm using a speed candence sensors with a tacx cycltrack trainer and I'm still trying to find an ideal setting. -BrianFebruary 4 2014, 9:33pm
    arthare Don't be too harsh on the people with higher numbers: For one, they might actually be legitimately strong cyclists. For two, it might not be their fault if TdG's power curves are incorrect or they had a sensor failure or something. There are at least a couple elites that use TdG, and 5.3W/kg for an hour isn't unthinkable for them. There's no way to eliminate cheating with online racing, no matter the power type. Ignoring all that: yay, another simultaneous-connection recordFebruary 4 2014, 9:34pm
    wheelzQC Brian, you should use the same powermeter that you use on the real road. MJ, no problem, I was going for the numbers at that point, I didn't want your draft...bonus if I could have dropped you (fail).February 4 2014, 9:35pm
    arthare No problem Brian - the key thing with the s/c sensor approach is to just have consistency with your trainer settings, tire pressure, and clamp force. If you make sure they all match each time, then you'll get nice and consistent results.February 4 2014, 9:36pm
    popstarron Another night in the hurt locker. Just can't seem to work through the pain and get my averages up. Might be training too hard too early.February 4 2014, 9:47pm
    duanegran No hard feelings all around. I come for the pain and it delivers in spades.February 4 2014, 9:47pm
    popstarron Can't find my TCX file for an upload to Strava.February 4 2014, 9:49pm
    Justin Rogers Not ment to be harsh Art, but if not mentioned people will not think twice about it. Good ride all, fun as always.February 4 2014, 9:50pm
    MellowJohnny Brian you almost made me vomit.... Good training!February 4 2014, 9:50pm
    jordan i think my numbers are to high :)February 4 2014, 9:53pm
    Justin Rogers hahaha nice!February 4 2014, 10:00pm
    MellowJohnny @Art the software loses HR on the screen always after 20 minutes or so... Just saying :) still loving the platform... Officially 31 live one's out last evening Awesome! February 5 2014, 1:47am
    duanegran popstarron, if you are logged in on this page you should see a link to our TCX file in the table below in the data column. Also, on your local computer fire up TdG and click the button to open the CSV file save location and you may find the file there. Local files have cadence & HR values, while online versions have just speed and power.February 5 2014, 9:29am
    brianhagan Even though I came in last, I enjoyed watching you all and trying not to look too bad. Nice ride everyone! February 5 2014, 9:30am
    betulla This was a blast! I love it! My friends are lining up to ride on my second computrainer. I have 3 guys coming over this week! I too lose HR after part of the ride. Thanks for the great software. February 5 2014, 9:54am
    popstarron No embarrassment here. These are hard riders whom we could all learn from. Just think, we are in on the ground level of this important training tool. Wish I were a computer geek so I could get involved that way also.February 5 2014, 9:55am
    popstarron Art, on the calibration screen, there is the line where you enter weight. Is that your personal weight, or you plus the bike? On CT it's both.February 5 2014, 12:29pm
    duanegran For these accuracy issues, barring an Ant+ power meter or CT I encourage people to check out the power curve sensor (http://www.powercurvesensor.com/) because it really solves the problem in a good way.February 5 2014, 1:33pm
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