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    Map:Charlottesville, VA TNW 40km Course (full)
    End Time: February 12 2014, 1:45am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:Tuesday hurt locker (Virginia style)
    MellowJohnny Thanks Tonton!February 11 2014, 8:49pm
    popstarron little better on the watts. little faster.But so was everyone else. Thanks for the lesson. One thing I've learned in road racing is you never quit. It's how you learn and get stronger. Still need to learn how to work through the pain at the end.February 11 2014, 9:00pm
    Tonton Thank you for this race ,quite hard . Managing the race , testing other racers was very funny.February 11 2014, 9:06pm
    CTBarrington Duane and Litespeed-thanks for working together-TimFebruary 11 2014, 9:07pm
    PACman Now that was fun! February 11 2014, 9:23pm
    MellowJohnny Tonton, The moves you were putting in were very suspect! I was hitting 6.8W and you were riding away like you were on a motorcycle. Anyhow not sure what Stealth Mode comprises of but if the Tuesday night race is going have 40 riders + out that are actually riding maybe we can disable this function as it really messes up the race.February 11 2014, 9:24pm
    arthare Stealth mode just means that a user's stats are not publicly visible. Some users may want to keep their stats secret. TonTon's weight and power are both totally believable (and, in fact, about the same as mine before I ruined my fitness by writing this game instead of training)February 11 2014, 9:36pm
    arthare Also note that stealth users are at a slight disadvantage - they do not see when other riders are doing PBs, and so can't easily judge when another rider might be about to pop. Also, disabling stealth mode only for big races would be a ton of coding, and a really terrible user experience: (try to join) -> (rejected due to stealth mode) -> (go to website and disable it)February 11 2014, 9:38pm
    MellowJohnny Who is this man they call Tonton :) He made it an awesome effort without doubt! February 11 2014, 9:42pm
    MellowJohnny Thanks Again Art For All You Do!February 11 2014, 9:45pm
    wheelzQC Big numbers FinKraft-RL.February 11 2014, 9:54pm
    wheelzQC Anyone interested in a Thursday training race ?February 11 2014, 10:15pm
    litespeedmarc_CT Good ride all. Tim/Duane, I pulled when I could. Oddly, that only seemed to be on the uphills, which is odd, because in real life I tend to be the diesel everyone likes to ride behind on flats. It was much easier to generate 350+ on uphills than on flats!February 11 2014, 10:17pm
    MellowJohnny WheelzOC Race Or Ride? I am Open To Rolling Like 80K In Here But Not Combat Style. Need To Stay Off The High End Til At Least The Weekend! February 11 2014, 10:20pm
    wheelzQC I also prefer to stay more constant and off the high end, but I don't think I can fit an 80k if I start late... but it is an interesting idea hmmm. February 11 2014, 10:28pm
    Roofrak_CT That was a great ride....I came in 2nd in the wheel sucking category :)....I always seem to end up racing beside Sebastain in the end... thanks for pushing me hard at the endFebruary 11 2014, 10:42pm
    duanegran Thanks to Art for swapping out the course details in the last minute to get a better experience for all of us. I was a little off my game last night but I had a lot of fun. for anyone curious about the real world terrain this ride was based on, see this: http://www.strava.com/segments/850343February 12 2014, 7:58am
    duanegran If I'm counting this up right, we had 35 human riders. New record!February 12 2014, 8:01am
    betulla Great ride! Riding with the fast people is making me faster! Thanks for the great program! February 12 2014, 8:18am
    SherpaCV Are any of you Canadian Bike Clubs/Teams willing to sale me one of your kits? I'd love to sport it around Vegas on some training rides. February 12 2014, 10:14am
    litespeedmarc_CT Phil. I can't do Thursday. But can do Friday morning (or afternoon). I've scheduled my "Funky Spiral's course". 55km with some decent climbing. The title: "Tempo: Fast, but not a race. IF YOU PASS TOP AI you're going too fast", hopefully conveys what I'm looking for in terms of effort. Top AI is 280 watts. February 12 2014, 11:49am
    MellowJohnny SherpaCV www.NovoFit.ca Hit Up Mike. His kit is pictured on there. Very EuroPro looking.February 12 2014, 12:30pm
    Tonton Hello I removed the Stealth mode. See you all for another race....I am new on this site.February 12 2014, 4:16pm
    popstarron Did Cadel Evens, Tom Boonen and Armstrong actually check out TdG, or were those unlicensed aliases? February 12 2014, 4:44pm
    SherpaCV Marc, you forgot to add "and if Sherpa passes you, you're going too slow" February 12 2014, 4:50pm
    wheelzQC postparron, Phil is my real name.February 12 2014, 4:55pm
    litespeedmarc_CT Hey everyone, don't forgot to register for Next Tuesday's "It's about time we get a flat one!"February 12 2014, 6:43pm
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