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    Map:Ironman Miami, FL, USA (full)
    End Time: February 19 2014, 1:58am
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:MellowJohnny's Tuesday Night Slaughterfest! PAN FLAT CRIT STYLE RACING!
    litespeedmarc_CT well that was a wash for me. Two crashes! First time TdG Kept spewing Yes/Let's Attack when I wasn't doing anything, and would then totally freeze my motor (I needed like almost 1000 watts to make it work). Second time, screen just froze 38 minutes in. If I don't feel good, it works fine, when I feel good (like tonight, it's technical shit). All I want his one good Tuesday workout!February 18 2014, 9:06pm
    MellowJohnny That looked like an interesting roll! I say we do that one again soonFebruary 18 2014, 9:21pm
    SherpaCV You were missed Shane. Been there before, I've popped a tire and broke a cassette pushing hard on this site. February 18 2014, 9:29pm
    Skippy74 Nice race--lots of real folks putting it down. Shane too bad you missed out on your own ride! That sure hurt but still a good workout!! thanks...February 18 2014, 9:45pm
    PACman I was hangin on for dear life at the end. You boys in orange are machines! February 18 2014, 10:02pm
    Rider X That was fun even if it hurt. It's been over 20 years since I pined a number on, and this is the next best thing to actual racing I have ever done. I tried to stay as close to the front as I could for as long as I could, but after about 30 minutes, I was toast and had to let go. I'm sorry about those who experienced techinical difficulties. Kudos to Juatin! Thanks you guys! February 18 2014, 11:16pm
    MellowJohnny You guys rock! The numbers were awesome tonight/lastnight and there were a few guys missing. lock'n load for next Tuesday!February 19 2014, 1:04am
    Juallen I am stoked I found online racing this year. These short intense races are perfect training for track racing, plus they give me more time with my newborn son. Looking forward to next Tuesday guys. February 19 2014, 6:50am
    betulla Great race! I too was having issues at first. My computer could not keep up. I am assuming that more riders = more resources? I was shutting down every non essential process during the ride .. once I closed Dropbox I was in business .... I think I need a faster computer! February 19 2014, 6:56am
    arthare Having lots of riders will slow stuff down - the rider model is the most complicated thing we draw. If you turn off fields, cities, or "3d scenery", it'll speed up. Really wish I'd been able to race tonight.February 19 2014, 7:38am
    popstarron Hey RiderX, sounds like someone else close to my age is in the mix. I'm always pumped about this platform. My wife says I'm obsessed but I like to think of it as passionate. This from a woman who can hit 800w in a sprint (her alias is im_a_girl).February 19 2014, 7:41am
    betulla Just ordered a new mb and CPU with 10x the score of my 9y old box. February 19 2014, 7:52am
    itsnowmagic I thought the Als wattage range was good, now I have a goal to hang with a faster group, thanks to my riding partners R and T, it was a good feeling to get to the line together!February 19 2014, 8:29am
    arthare Wow, look at those drafting numbers! >50% for a huge fraction of the fieldFebruary 19 2014, 10:02am
    popstarron It's no surprise with Ai's set at 300w. I was pulling 400w in the beginning just to keep up. After that I was at 320 to 330 to stay in the draft.February 19 2014, 10:20am
    Rider X Popstarron, yeah I'm an old guy who would love to be able to still ride like I did when I was 20 years old. I started racing as a junior in 1975 and quit in 1990. My wife and teenage children think I'm bonkers, but with Tour de Giro, I now have the motivation to ride more than 1/2 hour on the trainer 2 or 3 times a week. You're right, it's not obsession, it's passion. I actually feel as if I could get into shape racing on the Tour de Giro. A big thanks to Art!February 19 2014, 10:23am
    duanegran Sorry I missed this one. I was out of town, but this looked like a good hard ride. Looking forward to joining next week.February 19 2014, 10:59am
    SherpaCV I knew my only chance was to try to jump right before the kill-zone and I thought juatin, PACman and heyfool had slipped and let me get away. For about 4.5 seconds I thought I'd nailed it as I'd planned it. Then I heard the distinctive "Jaws" theme in my ear. These chicken legs don't have that kind of burst in them. February 19 2014, 11:10am
    SherpaCV To everyone that had problems on this ride. I've probably fallen victim to being dropped/technical issues more than any regular on here. I just chalk it up as the online version of a "mechanical" and come back ready the next time. I'm not a "techie" guy so I can't even imagine the work that goes behind the scenes to keep something like this up and running. When I lose connection or freeze up I'm always cursing Art's name and first born child but when it runs smooth he's always forgotten. He deserves big props for rides like this. I don't know how it works but I can envision 2 or 3 versions down the line and I'm excited and behind him 100%. It's weird. I have a race in two weeks and I've been thinking how strange it's going to be to not be drafting off of some of your jerseys, or to have names pop up over the riders so I can keep track of where the hurt-boys are at. February 19 2014, 11:20am
    CTBarrington Would be nice to see more folks do the scheduled Easy 80K this coming Sunday morning. Good base training and plenty of time to recover before next Tuesday's sufferfest! February 19 2014, 11:31am
    betulla I agree with sherpaCV! Art is doing an Amazing job. This is the best winter training I have ever had. THis program perfectly fills the gap left after you have done all your standard intervals. Kudos to Art. I know my technical difficulties arise from poor hardware. When I get my modern machine I'll let you know if all is resolved. February 19 2014, 12:04pm
    PACman Agreed. This type of training is exactly what I need to got to the next level after riding multirider and coaching software for so many years. Thanks Art!February 19 2014, 1:45pm
    PACman I just noticed there were 8 people in a 5 second spread in the front group. Now that's an exciting race!February 19 2014, 1:53pm
    PaulO Awesome race. I was surprised so many showed up. Can't wait until next time. Tonight is the Raleigh Rumble. Let's see what is left in those legs after last night. Hope to see some of you there.February 19 2014, 2:28pm
    thomascfurman There's great riding back in the second group too. I rode with at least 10 humans for most of the course. Great experience.February 19 2014, 6:05pm
    Skippy74 thomas--we had a nice group of humans with decent support from the AI's. Sure made it interesting..painful but interesting.February 19 2014, 6:45pm
    litespeedmarc_CT Can't believe no one hadn't scheduled next Tuesday's yet. I've taken the liberty of swinging it to the other end of the spectrum. This should make Sherpa a happy man. I take no responsibility for any damaged CTs (except for mine).February 19 2014, 10:09pm
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