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    Map:Ironman 70.3 Augusta, GA, USA (14%-48%)
    End Time: February 22 2014, 2:28pm
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:Stage 1 - Flatish 30km
    Tour:Gorgan's CORT/Wescam Spring Tour(Schedule | Results)
    EricN nice race everyone. helper261 pulled me to 5km of finish. saved me after losing 1st group. Greg rocketed past everyone at start. wowFebruary 22 2014, 1:18pm
    stephenpez I guess Greg's PowerCurve went haywire, or else a 23W/kg sprint would make Chris Hoy jealous! Sherpa and his pacers bailed 5 km to go, leaving me to bust a lung trying to keep the gap to the finish on you Eric! My wife Debbie and I rode this one together and that was fun. There was no way I was letting Sherpa's posse go no matter what. I like these flattish races much better, as you're actually racing with others rather than grinding solo up a massive climb.February 22 2014, 2:19pm
    SherpaCV Stephen, sorry I had to bail on you. I'd committed to another race and had to get to it. February 22 2014, 2:37pm
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