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    Map:MSC Triathlon - Belwood (30k) (full)
    End Time: March 1 2014, 2:18pm
    Physics Mode: Default
    Race Name:Stage 2 - Belwood (Rolling Hills)
    Tour:Gorgan's CORT/Wescam Spring Tour(Schedule | Results)
    EricN great race everyone. got dropped on hills. Was hoping dog or crazy spectator would break up front group!March 1 2014, 9:55am
    stephenpez Great to see so many PBs by everyone! I guess my jumping bean routine on the hills helped with that! I was trying to get you folks to burn some matches before the finale, but the flat run to the finish didn't let me take full advantage. Great work by you Dave to get the sprint!March 1 2014, 10:06am
    GregoryAB My first time doing a virtual race. Didn't have time to change my name from "Player 1" or to "reduce pressure" per PowerCurve calibration test. I went out too fast for me but obviously the speed you have to be at if you want to stay up with first group. Toughest/best work out I’ve had in a long time. Was coughing up my lungs afterwards. Got surprised when just before the finish the visual changed to aerial view with just one rider showing, and I thought it was the finish so coasted allowing Alan and AI rider to pass me. Why does it do this instead of staying in rider's view? March 1 2014, 11:03am
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