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    TeamEnid Bike Shop
    Last RacedJanuary 11 2020, 12:39pm
    Distance Ridden 166.0km ( 167.4km including incompletes)
    Average Power2.87W/kg
    Estimated FTP
    [in last 4 months]
    3.96W/kg set during this ride because of a strong 20min avg of 4.34W/kg.
    Time Ridden4:46:02 (4:59:07 including incompletes)
    Races Completed4 (5 entered)
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    All Stats > Races > Race Results for Christian
    LinkRace TimeMap NameLengthLength RiddenFirst finisherCSV
    ResultsJanuary 11 2020, 12:39pmTou Tou au Grand-Bourg (full)90 minutes37.5km37.5kmLog In as Christian
    ResultsNovember 21 2019, 8:53pmIronman 70.3 Muncie, IN, USA (18%-52%)65 minutes39.9km39.9kmLog In as Christian
    ResultsNovember 14 2019, 8:30pmIronman 70.3 Mallorca, Spain (full)39.6km39.6km1:11:37Log In as Christian
    ResultsNovember 7 2019, 8:46pmIronman 70.3 Cozumel, Mexico (10%-62%)75 minutes49.1km49.1kmLog In as Christian
    LinkRace TimeMap NameLengthLength RiddenFirst finisherCSV
    Incomplete Rides
    LinkRace TimeMap NameLengthLength RiddenFirst finisherCSV
    ResultsNovember 7 2019, 9:02pmIronman 70.3 Cozumel, Mexico (10%-62%)75 minutes1.4km1.4kmLog In as Christian