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Standings for Tour of the Gladiators(Schedule | Results)

AliasTotal TimeNormalized Time?Stages Ridden
Ken Mayes4:12:421:27:394

A normalized time is the sum of how much a person was ahead or behind the average AI time in all the stages they rode. This allows comparisons when not everyone manages to ride all the stages. Example: if the average time in a stage is 25 minutes each race for a 3-race tour and you do it in 24 minutes, your normalized time will be -3:00.00 (since you beat the average by 3 minutes)

Individual Stage Results

Stage NameDistanceStart Time (Timezone Europe/London)Average AI TimeResults
Come back to Reality35.0kmDecember 3 2014, 4:15am1:00:37Results
Sink your teeth into this byte37.0kmDecember 5 2014, 4:30am1:01:36Results
Up to the Moose13.0kmDecember 10 2014, 4:30am42:49.34Results
Morgan Valley66.0kmDecember 13 2014, 3:30pm0:00.00Results